Doctor for Engineer

By Laevatainn on April 7th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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6 3
1 0
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"My name Luka Siyanko, and I am a doctor with an affinity for firearms."

This man is my current excuse for collecting pink dyes, mostly to match his eyes. I can't say there's much of a story behind his outfit more than trying to mimic his original design (which is decidedly less fancy) but with a little adventurous twist (hence the boots). I had a little dilemma with headgear and gloves but eventually decided for the Rubicon hat because I love the Rubicon hat. And it looks snazzy on him too. Gloves are open to suggestions.
As for weapons, I've only opted for krytan ones for now. Might update if there are any changes. Speaking of weapons though, the detail on that rifle is mmm.
Shoulders I'm not doing anything with, he looks too buff and bulky with any kinda pauldron.

All in all I'm really proud of this one, and right now he has to be the best dressed out of all my characters. I just *had* to show him off.

All pictures taken in Rurikton, Divinity's Reach.


I like this a lot. Very realistic and the main screen's pose with the head tilt is just fantastic.
2017-04-08 0:58

Elessar Taralom
The look is really simple, but I think that´s its biggest strength
I like how it gives some love to a few very simple armour sets; it might not be THE most original look I´ve seen here, but it is coherent and your whole toon looks like a convincing character that could be an important story NPC!
The addition of the Heather on the coat is a great breakup for the natural colour scheme
I definitely like him better without the hat and would instead add some shoulders (Stalwart feels like it would be perfect)
You did well on the presentation and overall this is a gold for me, nicely done! ^^
2017-04-08 6:33

A really fancy character. I like the natural look. Another option for a rifle could be the Gallant Rifle Skin, that also shows a lot of details.
I think the pink you use now is already enough. a lighter one might match with his eyes but also create a too big contrast with the rest of the armor. I am no fan of the hat, maybe a monocle might be fitting for a doctor, but that is just my taste. Nicely done, gold :)
2017-04-08 13:43