Bloodstained Herald

By Laevatainn on June 3rd, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
Vote Breakdown
1 3
2 1
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After awakening, my Wyld hunt compelled me to go to the... Mist War. Huh. It's as if I was drawn to battle for all eternity. The Mist War sated that thirst for combat, but it also drew it out more and more. I fought so much, I could no longer wash the blood off of my armor. One fateful day though... I got lost in search for encounters. I got lost in the Mists and I had no idea where I was, how I got to where I was or how I was supposed to get back. But in these Mists I found new power. New, perhaps somewhat strange power but it had fundamentally changed me once I came in contact with it. What was I now? I had not the slightest clue, but now I knew how to get out.
I emerged into Tyria for a second time, now as a Herald of eternal war.

Enter my tragic red cabbage, Vermillion (Raynott). I literally *just* got the Herald spec finished for this man and I am SO happy. Alright, story time.
I was browsing WvW when I realized that oh, they sell cultural armor for so much cheaper! So I got him new gloves and boots. Now I love the Mistward set a lot, but I knew it was very uncreative in some aspects so I did want to spice it up a bit. Planty metal? Hell yeah. And as said, the Herald spec is now finished hence the pauldron which in turn compelled me to accent the blue crystals. I'm not entirely statisfied with this look, I may make changes, but we'll see. For now I'll just go and grab Glint's bastion.
Does anyone know any good hammer skins, by the way?

Every screenshot taken in Owain's Refuge, Southsun Cove.


Fashion Guru
I won't vote on this look as I agree it's not very original etc... However I like your dyes and the way your character matches. Possible hammer could be the Inquest hammer: It's red and possibly goes with the metal theme? Glad you're enjoying playing your rev :)
2017-06-04 2:48

James Wan
2017-06-04 18:21

Fashion Guru
The set is not really original but the dyes match really good with the char :D and sorry but I don't know any hammer xd
2017-06-05 1:07

A little bit too red/dark, I like how you used the Mistward armor in combination with the Herald shoulder though, thats what I did for a while too, but with silver/blue coloring.

As for hammer skins, I use the Merciless skin on my revenant and it seems to get along just fine with most armor sets.

2017-06-09 22:17