Sorceress and the Stone

By jesandsteven on February 25th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Grey
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4 0
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Hi all o/ So this is the look I finally settled upon for the staff. After a few attempts at a White Mantle, then an Apostle based I decided that the staff warranted something more. My thought was she needed to be more of a bloodstone deity. Through the power and corruption of the stones she transformed from a simple sorceress to a benevolent goddess. IK oooh nooes a half naked human, for shame... Given the scale and design of the staff my other attempts at looks just felt unassuming and somewhat lacking.
The coloring of the staff also proved problematic. The pink instead of the traditional red made it clash with other bloodstone accessories. For the gold parts there is no dye available to properly match. Then, there are the purple and gray hues. I decided to capitalize on the small bits of gray and bring that into my armor.
The fun part is that in Bloodstone Fen the pink stone hues project as the true red. The min also contains both the pink and the red coloration. And, every half evil deity needs a good minion.
I hope that some of you may enjoy her :)

Items not available for selection:
Mini Bloodstone Elemental
Bloodstone circlet is used not Bloodstone Crown, the dyes are correct
Seraph Bloodstone Savant's Staff


Really love the new staff, and i think your colors are really fitting! Maybe you could try to use different camera angles? but overall reaaly nice =)
--> Gold
2017-02-25 4:39

I really love what you did there when it comes to color and armor combo as well as hairstyle and skintone! In the screenshots she seems to be fitting in really well with the environment in either red or blue tones :) Very good
2017-02-25 8:58

Nice use of classical armors to create something new! Love it =D
2017-02-25 11:30

Very pretty look!
I love the tiny bits of fuchsia in your armor, fits the staff perfectly!
Also i love that hairtsyle with your look!
The screen with the grenth statue looks very cool!
Simple and beautiful, gj! :D
2017-02-25 14:31

Fashion Guru
Funny thing I also went for a black skintone on my nornele for this staff :D I should prob share it aswell
gold from me! :)
2017-02-26 7:59

She looks gorgeous.
I really love the dyes and the staff looks awesome on her.
2017-02-26 15:53

Fashion Guru
I've been drooling over this staff since it came out, you made it justice, top look! Love her skin colour and outfit dyes aswell, they counterbalance the colourfulness of the staff so well! Amazing look, that's a gold from me!
2017-02-27 5:24

Fashion Guru
Thanks for all the great comments!
2017-02-27 11:52