Inquest Deadeye

By jesandsteven on July 31st, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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7 3
1 0
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Hi all o/

This is my look concept to accompany the Mark Y Golem back piece. This look would have obviously been more appropriate for an Asura. However as I do not have an Asura, I chose my human Deadeye in place of. I liken her to an Inquest for hire assassin, for lack of a better lore friendly concept. :) I never use unusual hair colors for my non-sylvari toons, but I thought the Flame hair color would be a fun addition for this look. Additionally, I added the Campfire eye color. I hope some of you may enjoy her.

Weapons: Inquest Mark II pistols, daggers, & rifle
Back: Mark Y Golem ascended
Mini: Inquest Assault Cube


The armor set itself works really well here, even on a human she is easily recognisable as an Inquest (for hire).

The weapons work well with the set aswell, obviously being an Inquest member and the mini's do aswell.

My only nit-pick, is that the dye-color doesn't match the weapons or backpiece. It really works with the overall Inquest theme, however the weapons have a slight blue tone on them where as you have presented greys. I am not criticizing you, however that is the only thing I am noticing that could perhaps be different.

However, again a good set and a gold for you ^^
2018-08-01 8:43

Well implemented with Inquest items (that are really difficult to mix). Gold!
2018-12-07 8:59

Fashion Guru
I really like your charakter, because she looks diffrent and not like everyone. Good Job :)
2019-01-19 4:02

Fashion Guru
Thanks so much for the lovely comments :)
2019-01-22 11:45 in reply to morv