The Beastmaster

By jesandsteven on May 3rd, 2018
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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15 1
3 0
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Hi All o/

This is an updated look for my ranger as Soulbeast. My Ranger is a class I play often and rarely change. I've had the Beastslayer weapons since they came out, and could just never really come up with a look to go with them until the Bounty Hunter set came along. I think the two go so very well together, especially with the medium armor. Additionally, I think they make a great choice for a Soulbeast spec. :)
The boots are something I put on her often as I like the how the top of them can mimic some foliage. I do not particularly care for the shoulders or the gloves, but I think they work well as a pair, and help to bring in more leafy bits to the look. For the top, I tried to keep it as naturally dyed as possible. I added in the bit of purple to go along with the bow. I chose the pants because they let out some of her glow at night.
I hope that some of you may like her. :)


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2018-05-03 7:19

I absolutely love the combination, very well done, at least for me.
2018-05-04 10:07

Fashion Collector
You prove that parts of the armor, most of which are not suited to anything, may look good. You inspire me to throw a combination with the legendary armor I've been keeping for some time. Gold of corse.
2018-05-04 18:44

Fashion Guru
Thanks all :)
2018-05-06 6:50

What a perfect look!
2018-05-11 3:09

When I look at your screens I become sylvari fan :) Gold !
2018-11-03 17:16

Fashion Guru
Aw, thanks so very much
2018-11-05 9:57 in reply to ieva