Tixx's Little Helper

By jesandsteven on December 23rd, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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6 5
3 0
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She, and her skritt helper, make sure the gifts and merriment of the season are shared by all...
Hi all o/ For my 3rd and final wintery look, I wanted a very Christmasy vibe. Something along the lines of a Mrs Claus or a Christmas elf. For this theme she is one that delivers the gifts of Tixx, and helps keep those malfunctioning toys under control. She really likes to make sure the less fortunate find the joy of the season.
I REALLY love the Wrapped Staff and wanted to make it the centerpiece of the look, so dyes were chosen to compliment. Given the them I wanted the screens to incorporate the different wintersday settings. This is top and bottom is a combo I really enjoy and use quite often. I of course had to add the head and shoulders, tis' the season. The boots were chosen for their fur elements. The mini was chosen to fit the theme and the color scheme.
I hope that some of you may enjoy her :)

Items not available to list:
Wrapped Staff
Fancy Winter Crystal Scepter


Cute wintersday look :)
I love that you stuck to the theme and didnt include any naked skin ;D
The skirt fits the staff-skin so well, great eye there!
Ontop are some nice screens, gj :)
Have a Gold for x-mas ^^
2016-12-23 17:30

I say the same as Hylek, I love the screenshot with the child looking at you, that's so cute! The dyes are perfect and the armor combination is pretty cool aswell! ( I don't know why half of my message was deleted) Anyways, good job! :D
2016-12-26 19:15

This is the best wintersday look I've seen so far!
Looks appropriate for these cold days and the staff looks really cute on her :)
2017-01-02 11:35