A Very "Ranger" Ranger

By bread on December 2nd, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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+1 for human female meta! This has been my ranger's look for the longest time playing around Heritage Armor giving it that stereotype ranger feel.

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I've had this look for quite a long time and the only update was the boots and some dye adjustments when ascended boots came out, so I'll try to recall as much as I can on how this came to be. (Yes It's this hairstyle again...I reaaaaally like it)

Medium armor variety back then was terrible, most full sets look bland and it was quite a challenge to put things together. In general I liked how the Heritage Jerkin and Armguards was asymmetrical especially leaving the left arm almost bare with the necklace and feathers giving it that very "ranger" flavor. The problem was Heritage Jerkin looked real weird with no sleeves and a butt cape. Browsing through shoulder pieces, the Stalwart Shoulders really brings the whole look together taking away my prior concerns.

I found the Falconer's Mask and Illustrious Striders to be a good armored contrast to the rest of the leather and fabric while keeping the whole look unified and sensible.

Dye dye dye! pressQtowin
At this point, I had too many characters in Red shade dye so I was playing with something bright and ended up with Yellow/Gold as the main accent as one of my favorite bow skins was the Ebon Longbow. There are multiple leather parts which I had different colors on them while maintaining the natural feel to it. I especially liked the part on the metals where there's a contrast of Gold and Silver which was an accident starting with the mask which highlights the "beak" part.

One detail I was annoyed with was the leather portion on the right arm (near shoulder, under the feathers) I would have preferred to color it some Dark Brown or more leather-y but it uses the same slot as the feathers and I needed the feathers to be Yellow or White.

A couple blooper shots :p http://imgur.com/a/Y4rdu

Some edit and experimentation to the dyes http://imgur.com/a/DyxBq
Seems I maaaay have gone a bit too shiny on the gold. Some gold fusion and matriarch brass and a touch of charred helps the look blend a bit more.


Elessar Taralom
I love this look! I totally agree that she looks like a real classic ranger ^^
The armour pieces are interesting and I am always happy to see everything that is not full boring human meta
You managed to capture some amazing screens and your presentation in general is really satisfactory, everything I´d like to see in a gold upload ^^
Only thing I am having a little trouble with are the dyes: I think the contrast between the very bright gold and the dark brown is a little too sharp
Since you are going for such a nice and natural feel I would just drop the gold altogether and maybe try some light brown like Moccha
Plus like every woman know, you don´t mix gold and silver :P
Apart from this really well meant criticism though I adore your look and still feel that it´s totally goldworthy ^^
2016-12-02 12:12


Yeaah I could have peacocked that a bit too much, I'll check it out soon, maybe brass and some dirtier shades to keep the metal feel.

I totally did not know abt the gold/silver thing, haha nice to know!
2016-12-02 12:59 in reply to Elessar Taralom

I thought the armor mix was very good and original. I felt maybe the boots wasnt very fitting though i understand u meant it as an armored contrast. Something like the elven archers maybe? But its only a minor personal preference.

The dyes were well done and i like the use of gold on some minor details. Mayb dyeing the boots a darker color would give more balance to the look.

Ur screens are amazing and i love especially the jumping quaggan shot.

Great overall upload. Gold!
2016-12-02 17:04

Hmm didnt really make the elven connection until you mentioned it, maybe that's why I like this hairstyle so much!

I may have gone a bit overboard on the dyes haha, generally found gold fusion and matriarch brass to blend a bit better while giving uniformity to the boots by swapping the silver with charred to match the studded leather on the knee area http://imgur.com/a/DyxBq

2016-12-02 23:14 in reply to Eremite