When That Girl Wearing Bikini Armor Hits 30

By bread on October 20th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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.....she wears a classier bikini armor. The idea for this started out to give my mesmer a solid magic knight kind of look without being overly dress-y and not too much bikini-mail while still showing skin; basically, the illusion of coverage (ooo classy and dignified).

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I really wanted to use the carapace helm this time as I thought it looked pretty good. The whole anchor actually started with the carapace chest as I love the metal bands all around the arms. The gloves, I went with winged gloves first and maybe adjust later as needed because I like the whole claw finger thing going on with it.

The problem in dealing with human female light armor classes is that if you want a "Front liner" kind of look, they're a bit lacking in the shoulder department and most of the armors are made very feminine (more athletic body types, anet pls). So I browsed for some shoulders and the student mantle gave it quite a good pauldron thing going on without being WoW-like that staples trucks on the shoulders.

While browsing for buttcapes, I wanted more of a heavy greaves and buttcape knight look but the wardrobe is a bit lacking in that department. Most did not match or too high waisted for what I was looking for, and a lot of possible buttcapes showed too much empty space on one side or another. So I just thought, "hey let's see what the human t3 meta buttcape can offer".

At this point we have carapace helm and chest, student mantle, t3 buttcape. It's getting a bit too generic for me. So another round of browsing and the phoenix chest made it look kinda like a one-piece but not really and also gave it the "only 1 arm is covered" look that I usually like...holy crap that;s basically almost all my looks...

For the boots, everything looked weird until I found the weirdest of them all, Council Ministry Shoes. This is the weirdest leg armor I've seen but it works, actually it works with many "why isn't this area covered?" armor sets.

For dyes, I went with purple/gold tones to give it that sophisticated look. Added a little shade of white on some areas else it ended up too loud since I usually stay away from very loud colors combinations. I stuck with gold for metal and purple for fabric. The dye combo was a bit of a pain as you could arrange them in many ways that sort of works especially on the chest, but I decided to give a bit of empty space on the center with a white gold dye. The gems on hands and neck, I just followed the shoulder armor's light blue and it actually looks good and matches the blue on the shield. The shoulder metal lining is the worst, It just was not agreeable to get a gold tint and as you can see on the profile, it's molten.

Jeez this was long, in the end some people may find it a bit generic, but I like it. Definitely out of my comfort zone as I usually go for rugged and natural sets.

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I love this! Very sophisticated take on the bikini-ish look. The dyes are particularly nice choices - not too garish, but still bright enough to be eyecatching. I feel like the shoes could stand to be a little darker though, they're a bit lighter than the skirt and that looks off to me. Gorgeous screenshots too!
2016-10-21 4:42

Thanks! After checking, I think the light color is due to the fog effect on the foot area for the character select screen.
2016-10-22 5:22 in reply to Pixie

I like this, is not all the female human armors, which all looks like a beach set or a scholar. I like this is more like a fancy dress who shows a bit and suggests all.
2016-11-01 14:21