The Traveling Scholar

By GosiPosi on November 8th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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Shaz always liked traveling, reading and learning. When she grew up she decided to conjoin her two hobbies and ventured to different parts of Tyria in search for knowledge and new experiences. She is also trained in healing magic so, if there is a need, she is always up to help a fellow human, sylvari, charr or asura.
She tries to stay away from combat but if she has to, she uses the fire element, that she has mastered in young age, to fight back.

I always liked more humble and 'professor-like' outfits for elementalists. I think of my ele as a huge book worm so I gave her a book for focus and a simple dagger since she doesn't like combat. Fossilized staff just to give her a little bit of eleganc, and we are ready to go! :P
I really like the vigil shoulder piece because of this 'scarf-ish' part. That makes the character look more serious and educated (or it's just me :P).
Brown colors are my favorite and I usually use them with my elementalist so bear with me x)


Fashion Guru
For once the glasses work :) Beautiful character and gorgeous use of dyes. Gold
2016-11-09 5:08

Fashion Collector
Thank you! :)
2016-11-09 5:11 in reply to jesandsteven

Fashion Guru
Beautiful look! Gold!
2016-11-09 7:38

Fashion Collector
Thank you very much!
2016-11-09 8:30 in reply to Exitus_Letalis

Fashion Guru
I love this: subtle, mature and realistic looks are hands down my personal favourites. I do think you could include just a SLIGHT hint of orangey/gold in maybe the chest embroidery to match the amber in the staff. That said I'm not as familiar with light armour pieces so maybe it would just skew the colour balance. Gold for sure!
2016-11-09 9:43

Pinx The Sweet
I really really really love the first screenshot !

great work on the character very cute :D
2016-11-09 10:41

Fashion Collector
@Mihrean, Thanks :) I may look into some orange/gold shades!

@Pinx, Thank you !
2016-11-09 11:00 in reply to Pinx The Sweet

this looks very nice. you took old skins and made a new and unique outfit out of it. also the dyes are subtle and fitting. and the glasses look awesome on her! gold!
2016-11-10 4:12

It fits together really well and a nice, balanced choice on colors! gold.
2016-11-13 8:04

The Lizard Queen
So cute! Glasses look really good on her. And I agree, I love the shoulder piece. One thing, you forgot to mention the Norn: "help a fellow human, sylvari, charr or asura." Unless it was intentional.... >:)
Great job, I love it!
2017-05-07 2:03

Curious Samoyed
A lovely look! Very scholar like! I love how the glasses aren't clashing with the rest of the theme! The dyes are balances and neutral; very easy on the eyes and very soothing to look at!
2017-08-18 10:47