By GosiPosi on October 10th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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7 3
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First, forgive me for this stupid look name but I honestly have no idea what I could call this combination :D

I love when heavy armor does actually look very heavy and protective and spikey and stuff~
In past, I used to use two helmet skins with this set (Barbaric helmet and Rampart helmet) and I loved both combinations so couldn't decide on the final one :)
After a while, I decided on these glasses because I felt like going for more of a confident badass dragonhunter-for-hire kind of thing :P (At first it was for a joke but then I started like them).

I tried to combine rusty-ish golden color with some brown and dirty silver.
My guardian has always been blonde, I got bored with it and decided to go for something more wild-ish(???idk) and badass (hence the glasses).

Still looking for good weapon skins but actually ascended ones go well with her red hair so I may just leave them as they are :)


I absolutely love the armor-comb and the dyes you chose!!!
The dragonhunter gloves go so well with the lawless shoulders, it looks like it belongs together somehow :D
Great use of the flame legion boots! Their spikey appearence fits the gloves and shoulders too and the claw-feet pull this look even more towards the dragonhunter theme!
It really looks like shes using the remains of the dragons she slaughtered, absolutely love that!
The dyes round up the look with their natural and subtle hues!
BUT ... i cannot oversee the glasses :/
I respect that you like them and thats perfectly fine, though in my opinion they kinda ruin the look :S
They just look so out of place between the other armor-pieces ...
I wouldve loved to see some cool helmet or some face-painting so resemble scars. It wouldve been so much more thematic and stylistic imo.
Some screens with actual dragons or dragon areas wouldve been cool too. E.g the wyverns in the desert borderlands wouldve mae a nice motive i guess.

Anyway, all in all i like the armor-comb a lot and your presentation still is great! I can overlook the glasses this time and give you my Gold ;D
2016-10-10 8:43

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2016-10-10 8:58

Fashion Collector
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2016-10-10 9:05

Fashion Collector
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2016-10-10 9:05

Fashion Collector
Thanks Hylek!
The thing is, I juts have no clue which helmet would go the best with this set D: I am looking for the one that, like you said, would look as if she took parts of her pray and used it as a hat :D Tried Barbaric and Rampart. Both look decent but somehow I don't feel it! D:

About the screenshots, its a great idea! I will try to get a badass screen with some dragons/wyverns :D (With my limited screenshot skills xD)
2016-10-10 9:06

Fashion Collector
I am so sorry for the comment spam xD Somehow my comment was cut in half twice!
2016-10-10 9:32

Elessar Taralom
Really like the overall armour mix! It gives her a nice, slim silhouette without relying heavily on the typical human female meta
Her armour looks practical and definitely conveys the notion of a dragonhunter very well!
Also love the natural dyes you went with in contrast with her bright red hair!
I too however am not a fan of the glasses, they just break immersion for me; if you donĀ“t want to cover up all her cool hair, maybe try the eyepatch or one of the scar masks from the gemstore? They would give her a more rugged look
Your overall presentation with screens and description is really good and overall this all still adds up to a shiny gold! ^^
2016-10-10 13:07

Fashion Collector
Thank you!
I am still looking for better helmet so I will definitely check the gem store :D
2016-10-10 17:35 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
2016-11-03 9:51

Dunno why I haven't seen this look sooner, but she looks really badass! I love the armor combination, it is very coherent and the dyes also look very natural and nice.
I actually don't really mind the glasses, they make her look even more badass. They give her that Lara Croft vibe ;D
Very nice look, gold
2017-03-02 7:03