Shazadi the Humble

By GosiPosi on November 5th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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1 0
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My 2nd elementalist look styled to have more of a winter-ish and warm feel to it.

Nothing super sophisticated as Shazadi is just a common folk and does not like to wear fancy dresses. She likes to spend time with her norn friends and she herself always wished to be one of them because she loves winter :)

She also loves to knit warm sweaters, scarfs, socks etc so she has her knitting station always with her (I will add a nice screenshot with this backpiece (just tailoring backpiece) when I find a nice spot to take one :))


Spot on with the winter theme. Lovely outfit you've out together!
2015-11-06 0:40

Fashion Guru
Oooh sooo loovely!! ^_^
I really love this style, both armour-mix and dyes!! It reminds me a lot of how I dress my necromancer Junette, I think she actually had this combo ones but with different dyes and hat! :D
Oooh and I absolutely love your screenshots, they look soo alive and she has such lovly expressions! ^_^
2015-11-06 1:27

Fashion Collector
@Mylirith - Winter is comming :D
@Dorcha - Thaaanks! Glad you like it :D I love your styles btw :#3
I always struggle to find a good spot for screenshots :(
2015-11-06 7:22 in reply to Dorcha

Fashion Guru
I really like this, the combination is lovely and the dyes work so well :)
2015-11-06 8:51