The Poisoner [Outdated]

By KestrelGirl on August 16th, 2016
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Tired of my toaster of a laptop, I decided to install GW2 on my brother's shiny new PC, which runs it infinitely better at high settings. So here, have some nice screenshots of Medeia Heartpierce, my cute snow leopard Daredevil who just loves poison. Especially testing it out on unwitting subjects.

Notes on the look:
- Her gloves are meant to be protective, not really for combat.
- If I had the Antitoxin Injector, you bet I'd use it.
- The consumable in the "science experiment" picture is a Hylek Poison Pot, which can be purchased in Caledon Forest and Sparkfly Fen.
- I can absolutely take more pics if you all would like; I just need recommendations for a fitting location, as I ran out of ideas pretty quickly!
- NOTHING CLIPS, hallelujah!!

Pics so far were taken around the Black Citadel: at the cooking and artificing stations, the Serrated Blade Tavern, a small "science experiment" in Gladium Canton, and while jumping off one of the Citadel's many balconies.

Thanks to the random charr I found near the Serrated Blade (sadly I forgot her name) for posing as a drunk!

EDIT: Added character select screen because I realized I forgot it.
EDIT2: Oh noes I forgot the midair pic!!!

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Fashion Collector
I think you really are onto something here. I definitely feel a rouge/daredevil vibe with the armor combo you are using, I especially like the way how the Viper chest and Whisper shoulders are tie in together as if they are part of the same armor set ! The other armor parts are fine but can be replaced with faaar better parts in order to look like a proper rouge, at least in my opinion. My STRONG recommendation is to use Illustrious Grips as gauntlets they work really nice with the shoulders and chest and Bladed Leggings with Viper boots. The beofre mentioned armor parts work very good with my male Charr, hence why I'm not sure if they will have the same impact on a more agile feline. In the dye department I think you are on the right path on what I assume a natural dyes but overall they feel bland, could definitely use some more work.
Now about the screenshots...... MOAR PICS !!!1 Just kidding.The screenshots you made so far are alright but they show the sides of your character more rather than the front. I'm not saying that showing the back or the side of your character is bad, just that one screenshot for the back and side would have sufficed.The locations you took in The Black Citadel are interesting, I really enjoyed the screenshot with the dire drunkard Charr you found. Your current armor and dye combo give me a vibe of the Silverwastes and Dry Top. The way I work when taking screenshots is I think my characters place in the world then I go with my gut feeling as to where my characters would go and how they interact with the place.As a Poisoner you are on the right track with the Alchemy set, so now ask yourself for what faction your character might be working for, I picture you character might be an agent working for either The Order Whispers or Ash Legion the I'd go to locations agent of said organizations would work, even the headquarters can work well for a screen or two. Basically go to locations that you feel will work with what your character is about, or you can always go panoramic locations making wallpaper worthy screenshots. This as close as I can convey imy thought process into words so I apologize if my advice seems inadequate.
Overall this look has potential but until you make a slightly better armor mix with better dye and bit better screenshots Silver will have to do for now. I hope you found my feedback honest and constructive.
2016-08-17 19:53

Thank you so, so much for the feedback!
- Unfortunately I can't craft ascended gear, at least not easily (farming is hard). I did consider the ascended skin anyway but decided to use protective-looking gloves instead. I'd imagine Medeia prefers making poisons and slipping them in people's drinks (or on her daggers) over stealing stuff. :P
- I chose the Buccaneer leggings because they have daggers on them, but Bladed could work I guess, gotta see how they look. Fortunately they're easy to grind for. I have the Viper boots and could easily switch to those as well, if I like how they look.
- Yeah... I made that dye combo a while ago. I wonder what other dyes I could mix in now? Charred or something?
- Yup, Medeia is both Whispers and Ash Legion. In RP she'll probably be just Ash, but that legion doesn't have so many (or any?) proper settlements on its own - they sorta blend in with everyone else. (Ash Legion HQ is just an instanced office in the Black Citadel.) Where would you recommend regardless?
2016-08-17 22:49 in reply to Garrius

Fashion Collector
No problem , I'm always happy to help ! :)
- Too bad about the ascended gloves, it took me a while to get my Ascended stuff so I know how it feels, who knows you might get lucky and get a drop from one of the World Bosses of Fractals. For this look they are really worth it, but no need to kill yourself over them. ^_^
-I'll eagerly await your opinion over the bladed pants+viper boots combo
-Ebonhawk Keep has got some nice little areas on the easternmost side where the heart/quest is near the crop field. From what I recall you got prisoner cages, a headquarters which lead into a secret Whispers cellar and you can always have some sort of interaction with the posters scattered around the keep.
Then you have the Warrior's Crown area in Fields of Ruin where the peace talks between Charr and Humans is being held, you can interact with the ambassadors and such or even appear to be reading or stealing documents there it's also got a nearby Iron Legion camp with plenty of war machines.
In Dry Top you got Scarlets alchemy set you can mess with , maybe you'll like the locale more.
The Order of Whispers HQ has also got some documents you use for a reading pose/emote as well as the Priory Area in the Black Citadel next to the bank, if I recall correctly you got a point of interest right on top of it.
In rhe Silverwastes and Dragon Stand you have tents/camps where you can make some sort of interaction , like say sleeping or chatting with the troops at some campfire or poisoning their food (the main camp in the Silverwastes has a field kitchen).
The Black Citadel(again) also has that slums/living quarter area where you see NPC's from other races , it's got some neat spots if you use the right camera settings and the right angel(but then again this can be applied to all locations, but I digress).
You could use the Silverwastes underground tunnels/caves where you have to defeat the 5 Mordrem Champions, just pose as if you are investigating or gather your next batch of deadly poisons or heck even downright afraid, be sure to check or take screens in all the 5 tunnels and decide which gave you the best dark/spookiest screens I got a feeling that a close field of view will be the way to go
The Dead End tavern in Divinity's Reach Eastern Commons is a pretty rouge like, darkly lit tavern which seems a really appropriate place for rouge-like characters again close field of view will help you here.

I think I gave you enough locations to keep your busy for a while so I'll stop here. Let me know if you need some more , I hope I was faithful enough to your character here. :)
2016-08-17 23:26 in reply to KestrelGirl

So everyone can see: I updated Medeia's gloves (to Priory), pants (to Carapace), and boots (to Viper). Probably sometime tomorrow, I'll be taking and retaking screens of both Medeia and Eirwen (my DH, who finally has a full set of good-looking weapons).
2016-08-18 0:59

I like it!
2016-10-15 14:49