Mistress of the Mire

By jesandsteven on August 11th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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24 4
1 0
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She made a deal with the Necro of the swamp that she will forever regret.
She was a young bride that loved her new husband more than anything. In a tragic event, she lost the love of her life. In desperation she visited a Necro to bring her beloved back to her. He promised her love would be returned to her. He however did not elude to the price her and her beloved would have to pay...

o/ Hi all. I'm very excited that I finally ground my way to acquiring the Tribal armor set. I wanted a very natural dye scheme for this look that brought in the colors of the environment. I chose the light accents for the top to mirror the accents of the legs. Also adding a bit of red here and there to incorporate the bits of red on the leggings. Golves were chosen to give her fingers the appearance of bones and to tie the leather strap elements of the top in. Head and boots for their added bone appearances. The head I personally like, yet rarely see used, and it ties into the shoulders well. Weapons were chosen to play along with her story, and keep with the bone elements of the look. These pieces were exceedingly hard to dye to match, IMO it came together as a cohesive look. I really love the look and hope some of you may as well :)


Fashion Guru
I really like the armor combo, and the balance of the bone aspect :)
Personally I think the brown colors are a bit too clean, I think some slightly less saturated and a bit more dirty looking dyes could work a bit better here.
Screenshots and overall presentation are great. So all in all a gold worthy look from my view ^^
2016-08-11 11:25

Fashion Collector
First time I've seen someone successfully use Zhaitan's Reach; gold on that alone! But no really, great use of dyes and skins.
2016-08-11 11:52

Good use of the headpiece ( I don't see it that often). Nice colours and a nice little story. Makes me curious how it wil end ;) Gold from me.
2016-08-11 12:41

Elessar Taralom
I kid you not, I was playing around with armour for a Norn mesmer and I came up with nearly the same look, including the helmet xD
So obviously I really like the mix! It goes together very well
As for the dyes I like the natural mix you went with, although I feel there could be a little spicy breakup somewhere
But apart from that your presentation is amazing as usually and I can only throw all the gold at you!
2016-08-11 13:20

Fashion Guru
Oh you must do! I would love to see what dye scheme you come up with!! And tyvm!
2016-08-11 14:37 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
2016-08-11 14:37 in reply to MadEnigma

Fashion Guru
LOL! Thanks!
2016-08-11 14:38 in reply to minastauriel

Fashion Guru
Ya I would have liked the same. Unfortunately the way the legs dye you are limited on what would match the rest of the armor. And tyvm!
2016-08-11 14:39 in reply to Roamin

Original look, and I like that you used several dyes :)
Good job!
2016-08-11 17:32

Fashion Guru
Very nice look! I like the armour combo quite a lot and I especially like the headpiece you used here. It adds an interesting touch to the overall look and I rarely see that one.
The tribal pieces are just a match made in heaven and I like this swampish feeling your character is giving me here!
I like the dye scheme it's very natural and I love that you used some rusty brownish tones to match the swampy vibe though I have to agree with Elessar that I am missing a tiny different colour to make it a bit more interesting but other than that it's very cool.
Your screens are very beautiful and fitting and I like your weaponchoice. All in all this look deserves all the Gold!! :3
2016-08-11 17:38

Fashion Guru
Thanks so much :)
2016-08-11 19:56 in reply to Migg

Fashion Guru
2016-08-11 19:56 in reply to AnaChronism

Fashion Guru
Haha I was working in something similar haha its awesome!
2016-08-11 20:42

All of my favorite armor pieces combined in a look on a dark skinned girl...well...there's no other option than gold :D

I really, really love tribal looks. :)
2016-08-12 7:13

Fashion Collector
The only appropriate word I can use to describe this original look is flawless. Have a Gold. :)
2016-08-12 11:51

She would be a perfect npc. Looks really natural awesome
2016-08-12 15:00

Fashion Collector
simply love the look, she looks like a complete character from head to her naked toes
the mix is great, nice to see some love for this headpiece, it really helps keeping a seemingly overused theme unique
I agree that there could be a little more variety in the dye palette, but as an earthen look it totally works and it doesn´t make this look any less goldworthy overall
2016-08-13 6:01

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2016-08-13 9:22

Fashion Collector
Looks great :) love the use of this headpiece. I'm a little bit... well, I notice little details in armor such as the tattoos cutting off at the stomach and back but it's not a big deal. The dyes scheme looks fine, but you did an incredible job at making them blend the different armor pieces. Quite realistic choice of dyes too and matching the swamp areas. Your screens are beautiful and fitting but would be cool with some more action packed ones. I'm giving it gold though :)
2016-08-13 13:11

Fashion Guru
Thanks for the kind words all!
2016-08-13 17:09

I love it. The look, the armor, the dyes. Everything fits extremely well. Also, question: what is the head you've chosen for your character?
2016-09-17 23:07