By Natanya on August 4th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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This is my Norn Elementalist, Natensida. This is my first submission to this site also.

I know there's some clipping issues with the boots and part of the leggings, and I'm usually pretty fickle with that, but there's no other boots that I think would work with this combination. Overall I'm happy with her look.


Elessar Taralom
First of all: welcome to GW2 style! ^^
For a first upload this is already quite good! I definitely dig your armour mix, the T3 top looks stunning here and your dyes are simple yet elegant
It´s a cool classic Norn theme that doesn´t feel too overused
What you could still improve on is your overall presentation, meaning a few more screens and a more detailed description
Still a very cool upload though, looking forward to your next looks ^^
2016-08-04 11:43

Fashion Guru
Welcome! :D
I think your armor combo works well, even with the slight clipping in the boots, which I probably wouldn't even have noticed if you didn't mention it in the description. :)
you have a bit too high contrast in your dyes to my personal liking. I would probably change the celestial and shadow dyes to something a little less extreme. These dyes also tend to burn some of the texture detail and I therefore usually recommend to be very cautious about using them.
Your screenshots seem to have been cropped to get the effect of a closeup. And even though you have some very nice poses and camera angles, the fact that your character is dead center in all of them, i find them to fall a bit short.
Instead i would recommend you try to play with the cameras FoV and Positioning settings ingame, to get closer and to offset your character a bit to either side. and keep your screenshots as high resolution as possible.
this should allow for higher quality and even more artistic stunning screenshots. ^^
Also for your last screenshot showing all 4 sides of your look. Try to do those in the character select screen, as this allows for higher resolutions.
I hope some of this can help you in the future :)
2016-08-04 23:51

Thanks for the comments :)
I will definitely take your advice to improve the presentation of my characters. Admittedly this was kinda rushed at about 1am so it wasn't as good as it could have been.
2016-08-05 10:08

A solid fitting look! Great first upload :)
2016-08-06 9:48

I love this armor combination! One of the few looks where I thought the pants armor fits the overall design. The dyes are again well done, giving her a very noble and wealthy look. Screens are also fantastic for a first upload, especially the top row middle picture.
Love it.
2017-01-02 7:45