Magnus Armad Malach

By Natanya on October 31st, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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The Master Carver was proud of his art. Presenting his exquisite squash to the Lunatic Court's annual pre-Halloween gala pumpkin carving contest, the Mad King himself was told about this masterpiece. Mad King Thorn placed a blessing upon this illuminated pumpkin head that when the Master Carver took his prized creation home, it began to grow again.

Over the next few months the carved pumpkin began to grow into a more humanoid form, the candle's flame in his head crept across his shoulders and arms. A jovial personality also grew. The Master Carver raised and taught this new being the ways of both Tyria and the Lunatic Court. He also gave the pumpkin his name - Armad Malach.

Armad roamed some of Tyria until the next Halloween came, harnessing the fire that covered parts of him and turning it into a weapon. When the doors finally opened to the Mad Realm, Armad opened one and walked straight through it. He sought an audience with Mad King Thorn between one of his times of humorous terror in Lion's Arch. Armad told his story to the Mad King, to which the King became impressed with the young pumpkin man. "I like your name, it has 'mad' in it," and he was blessed again with the title of 'Magnus.'

The new Magnus was tasked with protecting Tyrians during the Halloween festivities, one that Armad took with delight.


Happy Halloween!!!

This is the first time I've made a character for a specific holiday. When the pumpkin head was made available this was the look that came to mind. Feedback is always appreciated. :)


Beautiful pumpkin!
2019-10-31 17:03