Cosplay - Ryuk from Death Note

By Natanya on May 27th, 2018
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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I. Love. Death Note.

While I admire the intelligence levels in this anime, Ryuk still has to be my favourite character from the show. If you haven't watched Death Note yet, do yourself a favour and go look it up.

This is my first attempt at a cosplay in GW2. It may seem strange that I would use a Charr instead of a Human or Norn for this, so let me explain the reasons behind my decision:
-- Posture. Ryuk has a hunched back which none of the other races have.
-- Face. That toothy grin that Ryuk always has, not to mention the wide open yellow eyes.
-- Hair. While this hairstyle is a little too big, it hides the horns, and I don't believe that Humans or Norns have hairstyles that stick up like this.

Even though Ryuk wears all black, I tried not to lose all of the detail in the armor pieces. So if you can ignore the white wagging tail and claws coming out of the boots I think I got pretty close.

Bonus points to anyone who knows the relevance of the mini. ;)

Missing information -- Oni Blade, Vassago


Fashion Guru
Omg, i love this so much, so fcking original idea, and on top of that its on charr, great cosplay.
2018-05-27 4:05

I like the screen with the apple most
2018-05-27 7:26

I love death note and all the characters in it! And that actually looks so like him. A+
2018-05-27 13:58

Akuma Hikari
Daaamn Son I like The "Smile" You put on that Charr
2018-05-27 23:45

2018-05-28 2:59

your mini is of course, because Ryuk absolutely loves apples from the human world. a trait shared by none other than the whispers mentor, Tybalt
2018-05-29 21:36

on point, i think he looks even cooler then Ryuk himself damn
2018-06-15 5:58

2018-06-30 4:59