Agony. Torment. Pain

By morriganiontko on July 9th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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17 8
1 0
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Hello there.

When I saw Xera's Mask in gemstore I was so excited and started planning new look around it.
I had few conceptions and color schemes but overall I end up with this one.
My goal was creating armor fully covering body, without any bare spaces. That makes feeling of unavailability and distance.
Also I decided to go for simple colors as black and white. I'm aware lots of people here don't like this color sheme, but it make whole look contrasting, inverse and illusionary.
I was considering using Chaos Staff but finally I've decided to choose simple weapons as Seraph Staff or Bonetti's Rapier.

Only thing I don't like about this look is connection between pants and chest.


I really love this outfit!
Usually i dont like black-white colour-schemes, but the red highlights make it quite interesting and i love the overall appearence!
Your screens are really cool too :D
The whole theme kinda reminds me of card games ... she could be the queen of spades ;)
Gold for you!
2016-07-09 16:20

Fashion Guru
So I don't know why but I really hate that mask but actually I love this look. It's really weird and I though that chest legs combo wouldn't fit. Nice! :)
2016-07-09 21:40

2016-07-09 23:20

Yes Hylek, I was thinking about some Queen of Hearts theme with Aristocrat's Pants and Lovestuck Staff,
however I wouldn't spend so much gold for one look staff :P
Tank you so much for kind words :)
2016-07-10 5:11 in reply to Hylek

Thants funny Feolainn cause you commenting my look in positive way but on you are giving only bronze medals (10 by now) you canting little stylist :)
2016-07-10 5:12 in reply to Feolainn

It's black, white and red... and despite the fact, that I usually don't like this color combo, I just love your look!
Great use of the xera mask :)
I really like the screens with the mesmer clones.
2016-07-10 8:22