Prophet of the Cove

By morriganiontko on May 6th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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15 4
3 0
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Hello! :)
I've created this look a long time ago but I wasn't sure if I should show it. However I finally decided to publish my Shaman look.
I was farming Karka Queen recently and suddenly I discover how rare Southsun Cove is to be chosen as place to take screens so I picked tropical theme of Karka's land.
My goal was to make armor looking like clothes worn by people of Polynesians - scanty bra and long straw like skirt.
With reference to shaman style I have picked Illustrious Masque and Conjurer mantle since they imitate feathers (I used purple dye to match them with Tribal Staff).
Krait weapons and theirs dripping water animation fit with both the Ocean around Karka's Cove and Leystone gloves.
In the perfect world I would use a bit darker skin but unfortunately I'm currently out of gold :>


Fashion Collector
Nice :]
2016-05-06 13:55

I like the idea you got, but I would do some changes if it were my character.
Instead of using that masque I would use the Wreath of Cooperation and dye it green and yellow I guess. (400 gems)
Did you try the whisper leggings?
About the dyes, I would use orange or red+yellow dyes.

I hope that it helps you, in general I like the look, I really love that you used those shoulders :P
2016-05-06 14:10

Elessar Taralom
Wow, that is one creative shaman look! I used to think that this theme is a bit done by now, but you gave it some new life!
I just love what you did with the headpiece, it´s rarely seen but feels totally fitting here! Matching the Tribal weapons isn´t too easy (there is always some backlash involved, because the colours aren´t "pretty", I know it all), but I just find it refreshing to see and definitely fitting for your look!
If only the Tribal armour would finally be back in would be so perfect here!
But even without Tribal armour you made something amazing and the screens just help bring the gold home!
2016-05-06 14:19

No need to change anything imo!
The armor-style looks kinda tiki-like (have you tried the tiki-mask? ;D) and matches the tribal weapons very well!
I like the colours in general and i think the pieces youve chosen are very creative! Especially the mask is rarely seen and looks cool here!
Your screens capture the southsun cove brilliantly, while still sticking to the tropical theme!
Very nice and creative thematic look! Gold from me :D
2016-05-06 14:20

I really like it, and the mask is so good here ! Your theme is really good and the description really help to get everything you wanted (and succeed) to create. That's a gold :)
2016-05-06 15:35

yes, that's my goal using Illustrious Masque, because it's pretty rare, not like a Wreath :>
Also I was trying with more intense, Hawaii like colors, but couldn't find right ones, dying Dry Bones Leggins is pretty hard, because dyes are looking different then normally. Whispers Leggins are nice but in my opinion doesn't fit to my conception.
Anyway thank you! :)
2016-05-06 16:04 in reply to Migg

Yea, this conbination is great (and yours! ^_^) thank for kind words and noticing my idea :)
And yea, Wizard's Hat or Bunny Ears are back so I still have hope Tribal Armor would back too :D
2016-05-06 16:06 in reply to Elessar Taralom

And of course thank all of you for kind comments! :)
2016-05-06 16:14

very nice use of the mask! :o and i loove that you matched mask and shoulders to the staff!
it was a good decision to upload this look ;) the armor mix is very creative and you chose those dyes very cleverly. gold! :)
2016-05-06 16:39

Fashion Guru
wow, really cool shaman look!
It´s impressive how you managed to make smth memorable out of this overused theme
I bet it would even look more perfect with a darker skin tone, but even now it is clearly a gold look!
2016-05-07 12:29

Thank you Chro and thunderstruck, that means a lot for me! :)
2016-05-09 8:58

Fashion Guru
Wonderful look! I really like how rare and creative your outfit looks.
The armour mix is amazing I really like every piece of it as much as I love the dyes you used. They are really matching the Tribal Staff and I like how the more "outstanding" colours don't seem to be out of place.
The screens are beautiful as well you captured some awesome shots! :D
All in all I really adore your Necro and you deserve all the Gold I have :3
2016-05-12 18:17