Venom Lady

By morriganiontko on May 9th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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Hello guys!
I wanted to create some swamp theme look with some insect-like elements. Again I've tried to select some uncommon piece like Nightmare Court Regalia (it was used before mostly for Maleficent look or just for full Nightmare set) so I wanted give fresh glance for this armor part.
My goal was to pick armor parts with natural vibe- Illustrious Epaulets looks like some kind of moss and Leystone Pants has organic elements on them.
Sclerite Karka Shell is interesting addiction, which is making look more insect creature. However I've decided to show it just on few screens.
Hope you like my idea :)


I definitely like the idea and the execution!
The colours are rather subtle, yet look somewhat poisonous. Your screens are amazing! There are so many cool poses and the swamp locations were very fitting!!!
What you managed best, is the insect-like appearence imo!
The backpiece looks like spider-legs and the legpiece also has these sleek pants, which make her legs look very slim. Overall i get a spider-like impression from her, which is kinda ... disgusting xD
I feel like this outfit would look even better on a slim sylvari because the human skin and face take away some of the creepiness ... but i fully understand that you didnt reroll you character just because of that ^^
Anyway very creepy swamp/insect look! Definitely original :D
2016-05-09 10:41

Those screens!!!! Awesome work!
2016-05-09 10:49

I was almost ready to buy additional character slot and create an Sylvari xD but I'm helping my bf with secon lege so I saved my gold for him, love again wins :P
Thank you so much and I'm glad you noticed my idea :3
2016-05-09 10:57 in reply to Hylek

awesome! she looks gorgeous!
this look is perfect for a necro *-* i love the screens, those attack animations are really fitting!
dunno what to say anymore, armor mix and dyes are really pretty and perfect for the swamp theme :)
2016-05-09 11:07

The dyes are very very good!
I like the screenshots that your character is with that F1 Necromancer skill :)
I like the armor combination, only thing I would personally change or hide would be the helmet, I like the rest! ^^
2016-05-09 13:28

I love this look! Great idea!
The chest + leg combination is really well thought out.
It's good to see someone use the nightmare headpiece. I don't dare to use it. xD
You screenshots are really cool aswell.
Take my gold, pls. :D
2016-05-09 15:14

Oh god one of those screens with the crossing into reaper form was so dramatic, I love this look so much, the colors the scenery everything. I always get a maleficent vibe when I see the nightmare court head but I love maleficent!
2016-05-10 1:22

Elessar Taralom
Love this look! She wanders on this thin borderline of creepy, tribal and elegant and it works out so well!
The dyes are subtle yet really effective, particularly the mossy shoulders
The backpiece looks creepy and insect like, I never actually saw this piece put to good use before but you managed to convince me!
The only thing that feels out of place a bit are the shoes as they feel rather clunky to me, but I also know that the Leystone legs tend to bug with all the higher boots, so I figure that´s why you chose those?
The screens are great, you made use of all these great necro animations and I gladly give you a well deserved gold!
2016-05-10 6:09

That's a bit wierd, because top of this boots looks like insect's chitin buckler (I'm not sure abut this word, but I'm convinced you know what I mean :D)
Like this one, (WARNING ugly photo!)
Thank you for so positive comment, that means a lot for me :)
2016-05-10 6:35 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Elessar Taralom
Okay, seeing what you inspiration was these boots are 100% more convincing for me! Thanks for clearing that up ^^
2016-05-10 6:44 in reply to morriganiontko

Such a very nice look ! With those gloves/helmet and backpiece she looks like the spider queen from the swamp! ^^
I love the colors and the moss effect! The pants and chest go very well together! Also very beautiful screens and cool poses!
But I agree with Hylek about the pale skin. Maybe it could be even better with a dark skin to match the backpiece!^^
Goold ! :)
2016-05-10 9:51

Fashion Guru
I am in love with this one. Really, I can't keep my eyes off her!
You created such an interesting character I don't even know where to start.
First I loooove the armour mix. I get the whole swamp and nature thing and it's kinda creeping me out in an awesome way. I love the structure of the chestpiece it almost looks like it'll stay on her skin forever. The Leystone Pants were a very nice choice especially because of that little stone parts on the legs (obviously xD). Her hands are damn scary which is perfect!
I especially love the shoulders the green parts are reminding me a little bit if of a moss- like- structure.
You totally captured the whole swamp theme sooo damn well I even get this weird insect- vibe you were going for as well.
I think I have to agree that her skin may be too dark but then again there is not much sun shining through swamp fields and it's mostly a dim light so a pale skin is not that unfitting though a darker skin would maybe give her a bit of a "muddy" look. But that's just a very small detail.
I think it's kinda obvious that I love the colours of your armour, as well and I really do. I love those different green tones especially the more dirty ones that are almost brownish. Very fitting and very spot on!
The screens are absolutely amazing, you captured some damn good poses here that are stunning, scary, creepy and simply amazing.
Nuff said, Gold!!!
2016-05-12 18:34

Fashion Guru
I feel like it could use a little more black. Not shadow abyss but maybe shadow green? Overall the combinations are very unique compare to most Human Female Lights out there. I never like the backpiece since it kinda creep me out but it kinda work here. GJ ^.^
2016-06-20 17:03

Fashion Guru
Looks amazing!
2016-08-29 5:37