[China-inspired] The Ballad of Mu Guiying

By Iris on May 25th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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The Story:
Mu Guiying is a legendary heroine from the ancient China's Northern Song Dynasty. Born from a bandit father, she was taught martial arts since a very young age. One day, the Imperial Army led by the handsome and brave general Yang Zongbao arrived to suppress the bandits - her family. Mu Guiying challenged and won a duel against Yang. Almost like bound by a string of fate, they quickly fell in love. Yang came from a famous family whose generations have been loyal generals to the Song. In order to be married into the Yang family, Mu and her family had to wash their hands off their criminal occupation. Mu herself had to pass several ordeals to be recognized as their daughter-in-law.

Soon after the marriage, the Khitan invaded Song; Yang Zongbao and his father hurried their troops to the border. They fought against Khitan fiercely but got betrayed and captured. Enraged by the news, Mu Guiying still freshly in her crimson bridal robes raised her own banner and stormed out to the rescue. Her heroic spirit was supported by the widows and daughters of the Yang family and they all became the legendary female warriors of the Yang family. Mu Guiying played a huge part in winning the following battles against the Khitan forces in their repeated attempts to invading Song. Her spoil of victory against the previously unstoppable Heavenly Gate Formation of the Khitan was made into the famous Peking Opera "Mu Guiying Takes Command".

The creator's note:
When I was a kid, I remember watching this chinese period drama with my mom. The lady left a huge impression on me. Brave, witty and fiercely loyal, she is the symbol of (my) perfect woman. Back when putting an outfit together, I had an image of Turandot in mind but it lacks the grandiosity portrayed in the (beloved) opera - I had everything for Calaf and Liu done but nothing else could match the Imperial Outfit for Turandot. Yet, I was entranced by the silhouette and playing around with the crimson hue quickly opened my eyes: holy shit, Mu Guiying!!! Yes, it's her! Badassery even in her modest bridal clothes. The general shape matches with the period costumes and the neckline could pass for some improvised drama settings. Dyes are simple: mostly red with some golden accessory. I leave my character's hair flowing and adorn it with a small golden headdress. I think it looks lovelier than actually have a real (big) bridal headdress. There are not many props which could fit an ancient chinese theme so pardon me for not taking many screenshots. Even though it is significantly out of place, I love that many friends of mine recognize the chinese theme right away - for those who are more "white" and dense, I eventually shoved them a chinese lute song to have them admit it (lol). All in all, it's a fun project as I have never been afraid of breaking immersion of those around me. It's also quite personal to me with the strong nostalgia. So, here to share.


Fashion Guru
Very nice!!!
2016-05-25 23:43

That's quite awesome, you should never underestimate the power of low level clothes.
2016-05-26 3:30

Elessar Taralom
Really beatiful Chinese look, I love it!
You managed to pick the few Asian looking pieces in the game and combined them wonderfully
The dyes are really what sells this outfit
Also great screens and a superb choice of weapons, easy gold! ^^
2016-05-26 5:03

Fashion Collector
Really like this combo :) I myself just made an asian themed look. Light armor is much more suited for this! beautiful dyes as well, I really do wonder where you managed to find those lanterns and canthan looking stuff for the screenshots :O is it in a guild hall?
2016-05-26 5:30

Fashion Guru
Really nice Asian look. I love the typical colours and this interesting armour mix!
The weapons and the mini are a perfect addition to your overall look and you managed to capture some nice screens.
Good job, Gold!
2016-05-26 7:21

Fashion Guru
Cabalist top. Ornate Guild bottoms. Fan focus. Can I be your bridesmaid!? http://i.imgur.com/fakyCdt.jpg
Joking aside though, I like to see that someone else also had a similar idea. Admittedly, while I wasn't going for a bridal look and more so a a non-outfit rendition of the Imperial outfit (of which I still need the headpiece DX) I think you pulled off your bride look beautifully.

You chose well with your armor pieces. The little delicate, ornate detailing on the chest and legs really helps to sell the Asian look. I'll admit, at first, I was a bit conflicted with your use of boots but I can see why you went for them as they continue the silhouette of your skirt very nicely. Your choice in headpiece is perfect as a small headdress although it would've been interesting to see it combined with an up-do hairstyle.

The dyes are well done. It was appropriate in how you used varying shades of red for the main colors and gold for the accent. The use of creamy white on her sleeves was also a good choice, evocative of what would be the inner sleeves of her yuanlingshan. A minor nitpick is that I would've liked to see some blue but I can see how difficult that can be with the limited dye slots.

Excellent choice of weapons. I would have expected to see the Crimson Lion staff used here, in how well it would've matched your dye scheme but the Dragon's Jade staff is equally as fitting in theme, and breaks up her color palette nicely. Without a doubt the fan focus brings the look together. Nothing is quite a fitting as that skin for this Asian aesthetic.

Your screenshots are well done. It's a shame the Lunar New Year decorations are only temporary so it was quite clever for you to use your guild hall instead. The decorations in the background leave no doubt as to what aesthetic you're selling. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised in how you used the Musical Lute instrument to represent a Pipa. That extra layer of femininity and demureness it adds is a nice contrast to her battle screenshots. A minor nitpick is that I would have liked to see some screenshots of her interaction with the Mini Mystical Dragon, seeing as how you included it in your details.

All in all, while I think some minor details can be changed to improve the aesthetic this was a splendid look in every way: great screenshots, beautiful armor/weapon combination, appropriate dyes and definite originality.
2016-05-26 14:27

Fashion Guru
Thank everyone for your kind compliments! I did not expect such overwhelmingly positive response \o/
2016-05-26 21:55

Fashion Guru
Oh hey, "great minds think alike"! xD

Thank you so much for taking time to write such a long and detailed feedbacks. Admittedly, I went for something to replace the Imperial Outfit as first. It was my original goal to re-enact Turandot, but I couldn't find a skirt long enough for my liking. Your character is so pretty. I've also tried a similar dye job but eventually decided for a pure red look since it's more relatable to the chinese bride. It's also partially why I used the green and blue shades of the Jade Dragon staff and the fan focus to break up the otherwise monotonous color scheme.

My guild isn't big with the whole Chinese decorations - they're all european folks. It's a pity that there is only this little corner to use as an appropriate background. I tried to move some Lunar New Year decorations together and got banned from it as a process, tee hee hee. For the shooting, I even recorded the lute song I had my character play and I absolutely love it: https://youtu.be/kPlwuhy7vXc.

Regarding the mini dragon, it is really cute and complimentary as a pet. I've love it running around with me in the open world, but it's really difficult to photograph well. After carefully selecting my screenshots, I decided to discard the outtakes, but I definitely recommend the mini dragon to anyone who wants to build a chinese/asian character.
2016-05-26 22:11 in reply to Ursaring

really beautiful asia look! :)
2016-05-27 7:44

Gold! AMazing. Another full marks piece of work!
I love your stories!
2016-07-22 10:48