Back to school (preview)

By setius on May 23rd, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Orange
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2 3
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just a small preview thing i had fun with - screenshots coming?

while i did preview it sometime ago, i have yet to collect all armor pieces and correctly see about dyes~ so this will hopefully soonish get an update with screenshots and proper description~


Unfortunately dyes and armor are part of the description, so i have to consider this while voting :S
And seriously ... you can just look up the armor pieces lol.
Its cool if you have more screens, but why dont you upload them immediately? Or why dont you make the upload when you have them ready? This way its a very lazy presentation to me and i cannot really appreciate the look therefore :(
Apart from that this theme isnt really my taste, but you couldve won me over with some thematic screens i guess ... but there are none :S
At least your theme is very cohesive and you chose good accesories ;)
Tell me if you have a better presentation so i must not leave you with such a bad vote :/
2016-05-23 12:00

Fashion Guru
Fully agree with Hylek here. I think he said everything about this look and I think some more effort wouldn't hurt you.
2016-05-23 12:09

Elessar Taralom
If you would have sold this as a cute/funny tiger look I would have bought this, but with this lazy excuse of an upload you sadly can´t win me over
If you are not even willing to look up the armour pieces....I think Hylek and me combined put more effort into our comments now than you put into this upload
If you decided to improve something about this I´d love to rate it better, but as it is now there is not much here to appreciate
2016-05-23 12:10

yeah im working on that (no I dont have other screenshots yet, neither all armor pieces atm) thats like a little preview upload of it, so i can continue to work on it- add/change things and add all the correct data :)

2016-05-23 13:05

i recommend you that when you have the full look and you don't need to preview it, you upload the look and then we can help you or give you tips, with just two screenshots we can't do that much :(
2016-05-23 13:34