Cephaeus [updated]

By setius on June 15th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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9 3
3 0
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I was always fascinated by them. My dream showed them to me, but they were even more beautiful than I could have imagined. I studied them for a while- but had to leave them for a time.
Still I watched them from below, wondering what they had to say. I searched lost archives, travelled, and learned their songs.

Now they sing to me whenever I'm in a battle. Mysterious and sharp are their songs - they sing of victory- and of old wisdom.

Finally made astralaria and updated the colours :>


Gz on Astralaria!!!
I loved your first concept already and its nice to see some cool screens with the legi now!
The pictures in the desert with the night sky are very beautiful and capture the essence of the legi quite well, gj!
2016-06-15 13:19

Wow that's some serious use of the legendary axe ! Legendaries are so hard to use that it's great to see things like yours. Very good job on the armor and screens they really show how well the axes are integrated in the look.
The gold wings are also very well used here !
It' an awesome job, I really like it, big gold !
2016-06-15 16:48

I really like your look.
It is simple, but totally fits together. I think you showcased your legendary perfectly^^
2016-06-16 16:04

Woah, this is incredible! I'm not usually much one for salads on the yellow/red/orange spectrum, but this looks gorgeous all together! Props!
2016-06-18 14:15