[Steampunk] Victorian Doctor

By Elessar Taralom on May 10th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
23 5
4 0
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Ever since she was little, Blanche Varanus wanted to become a doctor. That and she wanted to travel the world - if possible on an airship. Blanche always loved the way they seemed to float on thin air without making a sound. At least not from where her ambre eyes looked up at the sky.
Even though her study was hard and shaped by the prejudice of her male fellow students she bit through. Hours and hours she lay awake, going through books and medical charts, learning every inch of the human body so she could fix what was broken. Sometimes she did indeed miss the life at home, inside of this big mansion where she was always surrounded by dusty old tomes and the quiet dignity of the library.
When she left the academy she was one of the most renowned medical doctors that Tyria had ever seen. Her medical skill wasn´t her only strength though: Blanche also likes to potter about, like to invent stuff. One of her invention was a little kit of syringes that she could easily strap upon her wrist and inject healing potions and analgesics.
Not being satisfied with staying in a surgery all day, Blanche decided to go with the Priory where her medical and engineerical talents would be desperately needed in the fight against Mordremoth. While some still turn up their nose over her noble heritage, Blanche never lets her upbringing get the best of her: she would never demand special treatment and she dresses as practically as she can to avoid unnecessary caught ups.

Hey guys,
I am really eager to present to you my entry for the Steampunk entry! As someone who takes enormous pleasure in this genre (bonus points if you find the literary allusion in her story! ^^) I was really happy to see this contest theme being realized. Since of late Steampunk became a huge pile of clockworks lately I wanted to concentrate on also bringing out the Victorian clothing aspect of this genre. While the armour sets in this general direction are a bit limited I felt like the striped pants and the wide blouse conveyed some of that feeling. Some clockworks couldn´t be avoided as I did want to stir the look into the right direction!
The dyes are kept as simple and Steampunk-ish as possible, as these browns and brassy tones just read Steampunk for me the most. Luckily I had an Aetherized weapon at hand (even the rifle, one of my favourites!) and even better: the Med Kit of the engineer!
It just reminds me so much of Bioshock, one of my favourite video game series that also shares a lot of aesthetics with the Steampunk genre and so I kinda built my look around it.
I hope my engineer can convey a feeling of steampunk-ish, victorian air to you! As always it was great fun to prepare this look and I wish every competitor good luck ^^

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RIP my chance of winning.
2016-05-10 20:02

Those screens are amazing! Ad the syringes! Love it!
2016-05-10 20:18

Fashion Guru
Omg I see what you did there. Some things are quite familiar about that story! :D
But to the Look- i loooove this concept so much and I think it is such an awesome entry for the contest!
I adore the Victorian part of your armour here it's very creative and interesting and you managed to create a very unique look instead of going full Aetherblade- or Magitech- armour and this is a huge plus. The chestpiece is one of my favourites in the game and it really looks great on your Norn. I love those subtile typical steampunk hints like the shoulders or the rifle.
Your dyes are gorgeous- very natural and beautiful without looking too "Brown" or one sided.
The screens are simply amazing I especially Love the ones you made in CM, the one with the globe is soo cool! You really made some damm good choices and represented the theme in every single way. I think no one went that far as you die.
If I wouldnt participate in the contest i would love to see yours winning the prize but I won't give up my chances that quick xD
Still I wouldnt feel bad if i would loose against this beautiful look.
You really deserve all the Gold!!! :3
2016-05-10 20:30

I was sure your steampunk look will be kickass! :D Also I was convinced you will chose some beautiful, uncommon armor parts and here we go ^_^
And this everything on awesome screens and great colors. Finger crossed for you ;)
2016-05-11 5:06

Fashion Collector
I just knew you´d make smth great and here she is
even among all these very similar looks that are being uploaded now you manage to stick out with your originality and great use of rare armourpieces
what shall I say: you nailed the essence of steampunk without going all aetherblade or magitech, you made smth creative while fully using everything the game has to offer (med kit)
you combined this noble mansion and the scrawny metal, just how steampunk is supposed to be; the screens are some of the best I saw you make yet
so far I don´t see any other entry that was so worthy of winning than yours, keep it up
2016-05-11 5:33

What a beautiful and unique "new" design of steampunk.
I love that you gave her such an elegant look.
I really thought this steampunk topic is already exhausted, but you managed it to bring out new ideas!
Gold! Your look is my favorite so far! =)
2016-05-11 8:46

I love this look!
The subtle approach on the steampunk theme, without throwing all the gears and metal on the outfit, definitely looks great!
Even the tattoo showing, is very subtle, yet stylish!
Your colours are amazing and fit the theme super well!
The doctor theme is so unique! I love the screens you took and i think ive never seen anyone taking screens with the med-kit :O
This look will be hard to beat! Its pretty much the essence of steampunk! Great job :D
2016-05-11 10:58

Fantastic dyes and screenshots! :D
The rest is pretty cool aswell,
GOLD! ^^
2016-05-11 16:46

Amazing steampunk look! The idea with the med-kit is super cool and makes the whole look very unique! I love that you chose some more simple pieces than just technical stuff! The colors and mix are very cool for the theme she really looks victorian ! And the screens are also very fitting and beautiful!
Amazing entry for the contest ! ^-^
Definitely one of the best! I wish you good luck =)
Gold :D
2016-05-12 12:39

Amelia Syleste
Fashion Collector
This is the sort of look I would LOVE to rock on one of my characters - I'm so jealous I didn't come up with it myself. The Heritage pants clinched the deal, making this one of my absolute favorite entries!

And there's something about her tattoos, where they show through at her neck, that is so appealing. I don't know why, but its a little detail that I really like.
2016-05-20 20:48

Fashion Collector
Looks a little common for me.
2016-05-22 18:14

Fashion Guru
again coming in late with comments but voted Gold as soon as I saw this submission! I love Steampunk and you captured the essence of it perfectly with all your armor choices, dyes and screens. I love everything about this look and totally am digging the stripped pants!!! I hope you win the contest for this! (not sure if its over yet) but if it isnt it should totally be yours!
2016-05-24 21:34

Elessar Taralom
Thank you so much for still taking the time to write me a comment, much appreciated!
I sadly didn´t quite make the cut, but it was one of the honourable mentions
Still really glad you liked it this much ^^
2016-05-25 6:02 in reply to Purgatori