Corrupted Haradrim (Lord of the Rings Cosplay)

By Elessar Taralom on June 9th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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29 5
4 0
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The Haradrim were always bitter enemies of Gondor. Coming from the South of the land, this race fought ferociously for what they deemed their own.
Their skin is dark and tanned and their eyes are a piercing gold and what they lay their gaze upon is surely to be destroyed.
As allies of Sauron they didn´t care much for the right path, but brought their expertise in war to the Battle of Minas Tirith. Equipped with compound bows and curved swords these southern warriors were a massive force to be reckoned with, often armed from teeth to toes.
This young woman snuck between the other warriors to spill blood. Unexperienced, but determined to learn she fought like a fury on the battlefield, slaying many foes before Sauron´s fall pushed them back into the South.

Hey guys,
I don´t often do cosplays, but I felt like I needed to do something for Lord of the Rings since it´s one of my favourite franchises ever. The Haradrim must be hands down one of my favourite races from that universe and even though their role in the movies wasn´t tremendous, their design always stuck out to me.
I didn´t cosplay any character in particular, but just wanted to create someone who could belong to this particular tribe, with a little bit of evil corruption mixed in.
I hope you like the look, cosplay or not! ^^
(Reference artwork taken from:

Skins I used but can´t specify: Lightbringer´s Pack & Beastslayer Axe

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I find this look really amazing, the first reason is because the dyes areperfect, they are soft and very realistic dyes.
The armor combination is very good aswell, I just would love that they release more leggings similar to the one you are using, it is cool, I'm not saying other thing ^^ Indeed I liked how its red color matches with the backpack.
I'm watching more Haradrim looks in google images, I'm sure it was hard to make a similar look with Heavy armor.
The screenshots are very well done, I wouldn't know wich one is my favourite, I like all of them :D
Good job!
2017-06-09 16:15

Fashion Guru
Another great look from you! He looks kinda like a Guardian after many wars, with his pierced and shattered armor. The screens and dyejob are perfect. Gold
2017-06-09 16:49

Fashion Guru
I've always found the Haradrim interesting with how little we know about them. I mean the Haradwaith is so huge on the map and all we know is there are tribes of men who worship Sauron? Anyway, ignoring my fangirl nerdiness, this is a really evocative look:

Firstly that screen with her almost meditating on her sword in the sand dunes is breathtakingly beautiful.

I love your combination of the jewel-like ruby and emerald combined with the plainer beige for the metal. It feels very exotic and perfect for your theme.

I kinda like anti-heroes. Why should our characters be good all the time? She's badass, wild, awesome and scary and I'd love even if i didn't love LotR :)

Take all the golds Elessar...
2017-06-09 16:54

Nice and original look. Reminds me how scared i was in that moment in LOTR when Frodo and Sam was hidden under a elven cape right in front of the black gate i was so stressed. ^^ In my opinion you showed that look perfectly maybe i would used other gloves (This eyes O.o) but gold from me anyways.
2017-06-09 16:57

Fashion Collector
I am not that familiar with LotR lore, but the look is amazing!
2017-06-09 17:21

Elessar Taralom
That is one of my favourite moments in the series and I definitely had this in mind while making the look!
I agree that there would have been more fitting gloves for the Haradrim theme, I just dropped the gloves and felt like they didn´t feel THAT out of place

Thanks a lot for the feedback from all of you, really means a lot to me!
2017-06-09 17:31 in reply to Biziut

She looks so tough! Great Action Shots!
2017-06-09 20:04

Such a cool theme you were going for :D
I love the look and the screens you took for it! The environment fits so well!
And the screenshot with the warg is just amazing!
Great job as usual, Gold from me!
2017-06-09 20:46

Fashion Guru
I like it, you're presentation is always amazing.
The armor mix is heterogenous (I hope i'm using the right word here), but you managed to dye it in the way that it doesn't matter and looks good.
I'd only choose different helmet, daredevil's could have been perfect according to my google results on "Haradrim". Pity it's only in medium version :/
Gold from me too.

2017-06-10 6:03

Elessar Taralom
Yes, that would have been perfect! There is one distinct character though with a helmet similar to the T3, that´s why I chose it
He only appears shortly though and is maybe not representative of the whole race too well
Thank you as always for your feedback!
2017-06-10 6:16 in reply to Katushka

Wow, I like it so much! ^^ Really miss my Lotro days, so nice to see some Lotr related looks here.
2017-06-10 7:08

*LOTR fan mode activated*
Before seeing the deviantart I was wondering if a heavy armor was the best for the Haradrims instead of medium armor. But your cosplay is faithful I give you a gold :)
2017-06-10 8:31

I really like how you made each individual piece work together with the others to create a very well rounded look ! Your presentation is awesome as usual, so of course a gold from me :)
2017-06-10 14:37

Anything LOTR is an instant like from me but you did a really great job with this cosplay! It's extremely accurate given the game's limited pieces, and nice to look it even without knowing the source material. Also, great screens! Do you use a FX or something? I've been trying to find one that would make mine look like that but only find essentially sharpness/saturation boosts.
2017-06-11 7:30

Elessar Taralom
Thank you so much!
Yes, I am using GemFX (no Photoshop or other retouching on the screens), basically making my game a little darker, sharper and all the undertones are a little warmer; it really brings out the best in GW imo, wouldn't want to play without it anymore
If you'd be interested in my preset I could link it to you later :)
2017-06-11 7:50 in reply to Kasuralixa

Imo it doesn't match the concept art very well, but it looks great regardless! Screens are wonderful as well. Gold =)
2017-06-12 22:56

Elessar Taralom
No, I know that ^^ It´s not supposed to be a cosplay of this artwork, I just wanted to provide a reminder of who the Haradrim were in LotR without choosing the most medium armour looking reference
Thanks for the feedback as always!
2017-06-13 7:39 in reply to frederickx