The Wizard of Garenhoff

By Elessar Taralom on May 28th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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3 0
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The small town of Garenhoff is the safest town in all of Tyria and that is thanks to my powerful elementals. Sure, sometimes one of them might go rampant, but nothing my magic can´t fix! Although magic is omnipresent in these lands, it seems like no one properly understands how it all works. Sure, the Asuras might think they got it all figured out with their Eternal Alchemy, but as an experienced wielder of magic, I do not think this answer suffices.
In my years and years of study I have learned that it´s important to always be ready for battle even - no, especially!- when you are looking for an interesting tome or spell book. I have been wandering the world in search of answers for so long now, the people of Garenhoff seem to think I have grown mad and never leave my tower anymore! If they only knew what interesting facts I unearthed. Soon I will come back to Garenhoff and my knowledge will strengthen my elemental guardians even more!

Hey guys,
I´d like to present you an older character of mine. I never really felt like uploading him, but I recently changed his dyes and he seemed uploadworthy now! I tried to evoke a light armour feeling on heavy armour and bring out the magical side of the guardian class. Since he is my condi guard and works mostly with conjured weapons, I felt it would be appropriate to give him a fitting theme!
The dyes are somewhere between classical wizard and a natural armour and I was happy to find so many fitting weapons for a classic wizard!
Plus I always wanted to do something inspired by that floating castle in the Kessex Hills, so here you go!
I hope you enjoy my weathered old wizard ^^

Missing weapon skins: Privateer Scepter & Gallant Greatsword

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Fashion Guru
OOoh he's such a classic traditional wizard. Seriously, you hit all my nostalgia points with this! I love his time of magic, and how you aren't afraid to use one of the starting staff skins. You've even managed to make the guardian shoulder skin look like light armour.

On a side note if we all give you enough golds will you let us into the floaty tower? please....

2017-05-28 9:35

Elessar Taralom
If you ask nicely I´ll make it the next raid :p
2017-05-28 9:37 in reply to Mihrean

What a lovely character!
The light-armor concept on a heavy armor profession works so well here! The pieces youve chosen are very fitting for such a wizard theme :D
I get some Gandalf vibes from the screens where he uses a staff, its very cool!
The screenshots in general are very magical and medieval, capturing the essence of this look perfectly!
Definitely Gold work imo!!!
2017-05-28 10:47

Fashion Guru
First I read "The Wizard of Gandalf" :D Probably got confused because of the pointy hat ^^
And I really thought it was light armor until i read the description.
I like the the theme and the mood it evokes. Specifically I like the use of wizard hat, simple staff and book backpiece.
2017-05-28 12:09

YES!!! I love this look =D I have a magician look as well x) These themes are so fun to do.
2017-05-29 0:44

I love your interpretation of the wizard. I always wondered what he would look like. I think I was not sure, how a wizard in the guild wars universe would look^^ Your version definitely looks like somebody who would live in a big flying caslte in solitude and also have the elementals protect the small town :)
2017-05-29 10:27

Love how you made heavy armor look like light armor! which is totally apt for him as a wizard, brilliant idea! wonderful storytelling as well, GOLD!
2017-05-30 0:19

Fashion Guru
2017-05-30 8:28

I like how you make simple armor pieces and dyes come alive. He reminds me of the blue wizard from an old MMO Runescape...good memories...and nicely done!
2017-05-31 8:33

nice wizard look. must have been hard to recreate with heavy armor, but it looks authentic :)
2017-06-01 8:21

Fashion Guru
I love the blue you chose, plus what everyone else has already stated, gold!
2017-06-03 0:47

nice! please write a story for my gandalf look or help me with it
2017-11-20 12:44