Frozen Soil v.2

By Iris on May 7th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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15 3
1 0
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Frozen Soil is my beloved ranger. For an outfit that themes with her name, I've chosen pieces from the Ley Stone set and the icy diadem. The Shatter backpiece is a later addition which provides the magical infusion to the otherwise monotonous attempt. Carapace Jerkin is used to tidy up the silhouette with the T3 Cultulral leggings to bring out the ley-line theme a little bit more. Since the look is heavy with particle effects, I go with a slightly more simple duochrome scheme. Overall, I'm pleased with how the outfit turns out: detailed, thematic and cohesive.


Elessar Taralom
Really cool dye scheme and a perfect choice of weapons!
I miss one screen from the character login screen though in order to properly judge everything
Kudos on the crown, it's a beautiful headpiece that is too rarely seen and it goes well with the hair you chose
Overall it doesn't feel too icy for me, but I don't mind at all, because that doesn't make this look any less stunning! ^^
2016-05-08 4:40

As Elassar said, it doesn't feel very icy, but it's so gorgeous ! The screens with the mushrooms are so beuatiful, stunning !
I love the blue/pink sylvaris it's always beautiful, and your is over the top, she's really beautiful !
2016-05-08 5:39

The colours are very pretty and match your weapons perfectly!
I love that the look has a lot of shiny effects without looking too overloaded!!! :D
And the screens capture a great mystical athmosphere!
Very cool look, i like it alot! :)
2016-05-08 9:26

Fashion Guru
@Elessar: Thanks for your feedback. I added the loading screen and the preview screen to show a clearer view of the dyes in different lighting. My apology for forgetting to include them. For the icy effect, my intention is *not* to go for them. "Frozen Soil" is named after the original Guild Wars skill of ranger: "Create a Nature Spirit. Non-spirit creatures within its range cannot activate resurrection skills." It invokes the image of a sterile, barren land due to the infusion of magic. It's an Easter Egg to the veteran players of the game ;)

@Pattou: Thank you for liking. I'm always afraid that my druid looks a bit plain with her dark purple skin which is tough to pull off other colors on her.

@Hylek: Yes, overloaded particle effects are my main concern when I try to balance the look with muted color. However, I do think that sylvari is such a fantastic mythical race that if I can go over the top on shinies, it must be them. I'm glad that you like it.

Sometimes I go a bit wild and add a Ghostly Infusion on top of her x)
2016-05-08 13:57

Your ranger would look nice beside my guard :P
I reaaaally love this dye scheme!
The leystone pieces look really awesome in this look and the weapons fit them very well.
I love shiny looks with many particles, if done properly, and you definitely did it! She looks so gorgeous *0*
2016-05-08 14:55

What other crown could I get?
2017-09-18 17:14

Fashion Guru
Hey there, a good substitute would be the Icy crown from the gem store. For a matching color, Glint's Gaze headgear skin is also quite nice.
2017-09-18 20:55 in reply to GOAT