By Rohrym on May 1st, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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Posing here is Rohraria (named after Rohrym, my main nickname online). Rohrym is my first character I created and still is my main character that I play today. This outfit for Rohraria is like going back to the basics for me. The first exotic armor I purchased was Sneakthief armor, this armor set stuck with me for a very long time. After a while I began to switch a lot of skins experimenting with new looks and outfits. I also tried combining things with Carapace armor pieces a lot and began to love those pieces of armor (especially the shoulders in combination with the sneakthief gloves). This outfit is a combination of what Rohraria wore a lot in the past with some tweaks to make the armor set look cool.

The dye choices are also back to basics for me, because I used to add a lot of brown to my outfits since I loved that colour on Rohraria. However, I didn't originally used a lot of green in my outfits. It was only by accident that i tried green on the main surfaces of the outfit, and it looked well.... great (at least in my opinion).

I'm probably going to add another version of this outfit with different dyes with more of an Assassin's Creed theme soon because that looks cool as well.

But for now, Rohraria has to honor the call of the wild!


Welcome to^^
Your thief (I suppose) looks really cool to me. I like the colors and the many details of coat and leggins. Only thing, that looks a bit odd to me is the shoulder. The gold dye appears different to the gold of the rest of the armor and I think it might be a bit too heavy in general. But that's just a minor detail^^
It would be nice if you would define the dyes, you used and some more screens from different angles and in better lighting would be great :)
2016-05-02 4:50

Ty Nana for the feedback^^
I'll add the dyes right away and new screenshots are coming soon.
2016-05-02 9:36

Fashion Guru
I'm fond of your color palette. You have a good choice of mix-matching pieces which make your character appear less 'basic'. The shoulders may look oddly big but it keeps the look interesting. You may want to try more 'grandiose' weapons to balance things out - like the Auric Weapons.
2016-05-07 14:09