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Hello folks! I'm Rohrym (.2394) and I play Guild Wars 2 for over a year now. I recently joined gw2 style because I liked the idea of sharing looks and outfits with other people. I have, at the time I am writing this, uploaded five outfits to gw2style and I had a blast so far! I havn't uploaded for a while but more will be coming soon! My GW2 Characters: .Rohraria, Male Sylvari Thief (named after my main online nickname Rohrym) .Dyriak, Female Sylvari Necromancer (originally a male) .Mekza, Female Asura Mesmer .Ragnaran Mistwalker, Male Charr Revenant .Theodora Icenheart, Female Norn Warrior .Sir Aiden Davis, Male Human Engineer