By Rohrym on May 25th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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Sir Aiden Davis, Ascelonian noble and teacher in armaments.

Aiden was born and raised in Ebonhawke as a member of the lower noble family of Barga-Davis. When he was a child his parents were murdered by the rebelious forces of the seperatist movement in Ascalon. This left a mark for the rest of his life. After the incident he was raised by his uncle who had a fast collection of guns, bombs and other devices.
After the age of 18 Aiden left his home in Ebonhawke and went to Divinity's reach to work at a blacksmith. There he was discovered by the Order of Secrets and recruited to be in their ranks. Aiden specialized in armaments, under cover survailance and he eventually learned how to teach.
At the age of 24 Aiden was called for duty by the ebonhawke guard. He was asked to help coordinate the security at the treaty of Ebonhawke, his job was to make sure that the seperatist movements would not intervene with the signing of the treaty. After discovering a plot to stop the signing of the treaty aiden effectively shut down the plot by the seperatist movement. For his efforts, Queen Jenna knighted Aiden as an extraordinary member of the Krytan Nobility. Now Aiden is a sleeping agent for the order of whispers who lives in Divinity's reach and makes a living of teaching. Aiden often goes back to Ebonhawke to meet with the local nobles and his fiancee. Aiden also frequently makes trips to the Durmond Priory and the Chantry of secrets. Aiden mostly teaches young nobles about arms and other combat devices.

Aiden is a very eccentric person. For a starters he always got his gun with him (a top notch rifle from the Order of Whispers), and he always wears flip flops with white socks for some reason (all teachers wear flips flops with white socks irl, right? ;) ). His clothing style does not typically suit the average noble but for some reason he likes his outfit so good for him.


Fashion Guru
Nice character background! I didn't even notice the sandals until I read the little piece about it. A very interesting concept with a simple but effective look to match.

Excellent screenshots as well. Great presentation and look, overall.
2016-05-25 16:13

It's amazing how simple and beautiful he looks ! Very fitting look for a teacher, I love it ! It's a well-deserved gold :)
2016-05-25 16:16

Elessar Taralom
He really is quite a character! He feels like an Italian Western gunslinger with that moustache :P
I adore the natural colours you chose and all the effort you put into his presentation!
Definite gold for sure! ^^
2016-05-25 16:37

Fashion Guru
That moustache is amazing! And so is your story.
I really like this look it's very simple but still nice, the dyes are adding a very natural and awesome look to it and I really love those beautiful and amazing screens you took.
Good job that deserves gold!
2016-05-25 18:39