Another Purple Mesmer

By jesandsteven on April 15th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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12 7
2 0
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~ "Illusions, deceptions, mirages, your Fortuna cannot truly change things!"
~ "That's true; she can only disguise. And only for those eager to believe whatever comes easiest."
Those words, not meant for her to hear, would send her to the ends of Tyria in search of a stronger, perhaps darker magic. A magic that would give her a power to change the time around her.

This look started with the hair, for which I have always wanted to use. This is my main character, and I always run some form of purple on her. Generally it is very bright. I wanted something more dark and sultry for this look. The head piece gives me a gypsy type vibe so the bottoms were chosen to compliment. Natural choice for the carapace top. Yes a boring combo :) I really like how the top and the Diviner shoulders work, and use the combo often. Dye choices were based of matching the metal work of the head piece and then finding a purple shade to compliment.
Weapons were chosen out of a lack of options to compliment the look. The typical mesmer type weapons purple coloring really clash with the dye scheme. Settling on the Kryta for their intricate simplicity. Sword and pistol chosen for their natural appearance, and the shield to throw in a little richness.
I have enjoyed resurrecting some of the older looks and putting my spin on them. Hope you enjoy her as well.


Fashion Collector
Niceeee! I love the colors, and very nice screens.
2016-04-15 15:39

Elessar Taralom
wow, the use of the shield in the first shot is genius, it took me a while to figure out where those details come from!
While the overall armour mix isn´t too original it definitely works and it´s the dye job that makes this outstanding for me
It is so muted and interesting, really nice!
2016-04-15 17:59

Fashion Collector
While I've seen some people using similar concepts, I like how you made it yours with this mix of dyes. I confess to not be a Wine dye lover, but you worked it very well. Congrats!
2016-04-16 9:19

the armor mix isn't really special but the dye job is stunning! the tattoo and hair style work perfectly!
2016-04-16 11:54

Fashion Guru
Thanks everyone!
2016-04-16 18:23

Fashion Collector
I agree with the comments, the armor isn't extraordinarily original but the dyes are great! I also really like how the shield goes with the look. Good look, gold from me :)
2016-04-28 23:59

Fashion Guru
2016-04-29 19:37 in reply to HeartlessValkyrie

Fashion Guru
Looks awesome!
2016-05-04 12:12

Fashion Guru
2016-05-04 19:02

Great variety of screenshots on this one. The color scheme is decent but it does make you look like a drag Twilight Princess Zelda. I would recommend some changes in order to avoid the following:

Swords, knives, arrows, hypothermia, mosquito attacks, tripping and dying, literally anything, etc.
2016-12-18 16:16