Largos Sylvari

By Dorky on February 28th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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7 9
2 0
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I wanted to try make a character that looks like a Largos, preferably with heavy armor, but on female it just didn't work out with the legs, so i went for a medium instead.
The wings of the Largos are quite massive, dark grey and shiny blue stripes, which of course don't exist in the game, and the black feather wings have the wrong texture with the feathers, so i ended up with bat wings as it has the right-ish shape, size and texture, just have to live with bit off color and no blue =P
Female Largos do wear one colored armor, but i added a bit brown because of the wings.

Largos being underwater assassins as well, i had a slight issue with the fact our aqua breathers don't cover the whole face like they do on Largos, but not much you can do about that. On land i used the bladed mask which i thought was an quite alright substitute for the mask they wear.
I didn't have any thieves or rangers that's sylvari, and wanted to change the looks of =P so I changed my Engineer, so no swords sadly but rifle works too.


Very nice idea! Bladed mask is perfect here.
However I think you should go for a bit ligher brown and try add blue accents to make your dye job more unique and be a step closer to Largos :D
Even if you won't go for blue accents you should try improve dye job, cause everything is basiclly dark :(
Overall.. unique concept, nice armor mix and aquatic screens ^^
2016-02-28 18:11

This is nice! But I'd use the Air Filtration Device (aka aquabreather helmet) instead of the Arah mask. Also, as Morrigan said, add some blue in your dyes etc. (Zodiac pants?)
2016-02-29 0:32

Fashion Guru
Good concept, but I agree with the others - a touch of blue would really elevate this look :) x
2016-02-29 5:12

Elessar Taralom
Really cool idea, I was actually planning on doing a Largos look myself sometime!
While I like the armour combination I agree with the others: it is a bit too dark, some blue accents could really do the trick here!
2016-02-29 5:43

If you read what i wrote there about the mask, the Largos use whole face covering masks and the aqua breather skin don't cover the whole face, why i chose the bladed =)
2016-02-29 7:13 in reply to KestrelGirl

Blue dye is added, though it does brighten the armor, it does go against the color scheme Largos have, which is one color, as i also said in the description =P
2016-02-29 7:44

Whoa, you chose perfect blue dye, i really like it now, turning for gold to you with pleasure! :3
2016-02-29 8:08

Great idea, great armor mix, very original, but the dyes ruin it.
2016-02-29 9:13

Fashion Guru
What an amazing idea and the execution is pretty neat!
Dyes aren't bad but could be improved as said by others :p
still gold from me!
2016-03-01 9:22