Desert Sorceress

By jesandsteven on February 21st, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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10 4
3 0
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She is a nomadic sorceress of the desert, able to harness the power of the land and sky she travels in. She is a seeker of lost knowledge... and treasures. Beautiful and lethal, little would stand in her way in her quests for both.
I wanted to incorporate the 3 main elements I utilize into this look; Earth (brown), Fire (orange), Water (blue). I also wanted the colors to feel like she was a part of the desert.


screens with flying lizard are my favourite hahaha :3
I like how you matched turquoise elements from pants with crystals from Sorcerer's gloves :)
Armor combination is very nice, she is looking like some desert-warrior princess.
Maybe I would try with a bit lighter gold elements or try add more intense color, like burgundy or so.
However I'm not sure it gonna look good with avaible dye slots.
Very nice look with beautiful screens, gold :)
2016-02-21 15:21

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2016-02-21 15:54

Elessar Taralom
Classic look that never disappoints! What makes your take on this look great is imo the weapons you added and the amazing screens you made!
I also like the little turquoise detail you added ^^
2016-02-21 16:31

Fashion Guru
Desert themed looks are always my favourites. I like the dye- job and I have to agree that the weapons are a wonderful and perfect addition to your look. Those screens are beautiful, too!
Gold for you :3
2016-02-21 16:59

Nice desert look! Not the most original yeah but still cool! And ALL the weapons you chose fit ;)
So it's GOLD for you :)
2016-02-21 18:59

Fashion Guru
I like her :) It's an interesting character and the work with the dyes is pretty neat. Gold :)
2016-02-22 9:16

Fashion Guru
Thanks for all the kind words! I know my human* is not unique. But, I think that is part of the fun of it, seeing how someone else takes the very same outfit, and makes it into a different look :)
2016-02-22 19:49

Amazing! She's like a character from a movie, the colours, story and shots, just perfect. :D
2016-02-25 15:47

Fashion Guru
Thanks so much!
2016-02-27 23:09

nice dyes
2019-05-15 21:03