One Million Percent

By Sharkey on February 5th, 2016
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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6 2
1 0
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Sharkey: Ore wo dare to omotte yagaru!!!

Proudfoot: Great. I take the Icy Dragon Sword, and get possessed by the spirit of the Flameseeker Hero. He takes the Icy Dragon Sword, and immediately becomes a super hero speaking some weird moon language. Screw this, I'm headed to the Last Whiskey Bar.


Alt title's really "How I learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Anime" but that didn't quite fit.

This one's a reupload of my prior January look. I had some fun setting that up, but in the end I wasn't a huge fan of the choice of weapons or colors, as I was planning on having it in the legendary contest but eventually fell apart. I didn't really need the winter's presence either, though you might see it pop up in a couple of these pics - not intended, I swear :x

That said, I wanted to give it at least some offset which worked with the shield and gave a gentler transition to the fur, more towards what I did with November but with some blue highlights. But in the end, after getting invited to a fractal and accidentally taking the shot above, I realized I'd fallen in love with exactly what it already was.

So eh. Sorry folks, I like this one the way it is. Maybe February I'll do something a little less offensive to the eyes, but for January Sharkey's anime king.

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Shaman Crinitus
Fabulous, as ever! Although, on a reddish charr, all the bright blue seems to clash. Perhaps if the pants were also a reddish-brown color to help match his exposed arms, it might help bring the look together even better?
2016-02-05 3:38

Fashion Guru
Too late for this month, but definitely there for February already. This month's red month, just need to get the armor worked out :)
2016-02-05 3:48

Shaman Crinitus
Wonderful! :3 Can't wait to see it!
2016-02-05 4:27 in reply to Sharkey

Elessar Taralom
haha, really funny character, I love the rainbow screen, definitely brings the anime feeling across :p
Good work as always ^^
2016-02-05 4:51

Sharkey and Proudfoot are hilarious no matter what they're wearing! Keep up the good work!
2016-02-05 12:01