By Sharkey on March 20th, 2016
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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5 1
1 0
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Doryan: What's up with your cape?

Sharkey: Lovely, isn't? I borrowed it from a cult-

Doryan: Why does it fold like that? Every step you take, it folds all weird.

Sharkey: Oh. I dunno! Too much starch, maybe?

Doryan: What does your diet have anything to do with it? And your tail!

Sharkey: No no, dearest Doryan, see when you press- wait, what?

Doryan: Look at it! Every step you take, it vanishes into your pants!

Sharkey: Well, I can't exactly look at it that easily, it's my tail!

Doryan: It's not just your tail though, your entire lower back above your waist keeps popping out. Sharkey, is that a glamour?

Sharkey: Yes, I do look rather nice do I?

Doryan: No, you creep! You're wearing an illusion right now!

Sharkey: What? No! No, no, no. No. No.

Doryan: ...

Sharkey: Yes.

Doryan: Are you kidding me? Out in public, in the middle of Lion's Arch!?

Sharkey: Its ok, I'm a mesmer! I got this!

Doryan: I don't care! Smodur's right eye, are you wearing anything right now?

Sharkey: Of course I am! Watch!

Crowded street of onlookers: *gasp*


Sharkey: See? The cape's real.

Doryan: The cape was all that was real! Put that illusion back on, right now!

Sharkey: Oh, come on, first you're creeped out about it, now you want it back on? Make up your mind!

Doryan: The guards are coming!

Sharkey: I'm just saying, if you'd be a little more conscious of a mesmer's magic and their capabilities then-

Doryan: SHARKEY!

Sharkey: All right, all right! Sheesh.

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Armor clipping... lol, dy(e)ing! Nice job!
2016-03-20 23:55

Fashion Guru
really cute description!! would you mind adding a screen from the character login? i´d like to see the full armour
2016-03-21 12:49

Fashion Guru
Thanks guys :) dropped a character select shot in at the end.
2016-03-21 21:17

Secretly the Charr have another legion, a mesmer legion solely dedicated to covering every Charr in an armor illusion. That explains all the clipping! OOOOOH it all makes sense now!

Gold! =D
2016-03-26 1:46