By Sharkey on August 2nd, 2016
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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14 7
1 0
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Doryan: Sharkey, have you seen Voignus's sunglasses - oh.

Sharkey: Heeeeeyyyyyy, Doryan! Feels like months since the last time I saw you, how you been?

Doryan: It's been 5 hours. Hitting the charr-nip again, are we?

Sharkey: Nah, nah! I've been clean for over a year, I swear. Just settling into the lifestyle of a big-time rock star!

Doryan: A rock star. You? Since when?

Sharkey: Well, don't you remember that big concert I played at the Gilded Hollow a couple of weeks back? Everyone's talking about it!

Doryan: I don't remember, but you're right that everyone's talking about it. You set up a portal, and played one note for a solid hour straight. It was noteworthy because you demonstrated that the Exalted indeed have a formal system for filing noise complaints.

Sharkey: It was experimental! I'm an incredible musician, of numerous instruments and with a lovely singing voice. I'm a band all my own! Remember that time in Lion's Arch, near the Western Ward? I totally upstaged those posers!

Doryan: Well, I suppose that's true, in a literal sense. In that you were upstage of them, for approximately 5 seconds before they pulled you off the stage so hard you were flung halfway to the Commodore's Quarter.

Sharkey: Oh yeah! Good thing that minstrel was there to break my fall. That guy's a class act!

Doryan: Not for 6-8 more weeks, he ain't.

Sharkey: Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. I have a lot of fans in Lion's Arch, I'll have you know! Half of those revelers are singing MY songs right now!

Doryan: Would that be from before or after you singed your tail because you were playing too close to their bonfire?

Sharkey: Both, and I'm getting a little sick of these critiques! You can't deny the power of my music after that stunning performance in the Verdant Brink!

Doryan: Well, I'll give you that much. You and those frogs could really play the lute.

Sharkey: That's right!

Doryan: You played that lute so well, in fact, you drew 2 mordrem squads, a tribe of hostile Itzel, and a Vinetooth to our base. And where is that lute playing frog now?

Sharkey: the belly of a Vinetooth?

Doryan: In the belly of a Vinetooth. Now give me that silly guitar, you're supposed to be doing training exercises with Voignus!

Sharkey: Aww, he's never gonna notice missing a training session or five! I have a career to pursue!

Doryan: He's blind, not dumb, you idiot. Believe you me, he'll know.

Sharkey: Well, what do you know?

Voignus: Hey.

Sharkey: Hey Voignus. Now anyways, I think you're missing the bigger picture here, Doryan, and that bigger picture is entirely composed of meeeEEEYEEEEEHEEEHI Voignus!

Voignus: Hi. You seen my glasses?

Sharkey: Ummm no of course not?

Voignus: Doryan, is he wearing my glasses right now?

Doryan: He's wearing your glasses right now.

Sharkey: TRAITOR!

Doryan: He's figuring that he's a rock star.

Voignus: Hmm, I certainly have heard of those before as a thing that exist in Tyria.

Sharkey: That's right!

Voignus: I've also heard of the babe.

Sharkey: What babe?

Doryan: No.

Voignus: The babe with the power.

Sharkey: What power?

Doryan: NO.

Voignus: The power of voodoo.

Sharkey: Who do?

Voignus: You do.

Doryan: STOP.

Sharkey: Do what?

Voignus: Remind me of the babe.

Doryan: SKIP IT!

Voignus: Fine, fine. Dance magic, DANCE!

Sharkey: Wait that's not the next lineYEEEYEEEGHGHHGHHHGHGHKK

Doryan: An electrifying performance, Voignus.

Voignus: Indeed. I'll be taking those glasses back now - looks like Sharkey's missing training again today. Should still be alive though.

Sharkey: *cough*

Voignus: That's the spirit. I'm gonna get some tacos.



Doryan: Sharkey, your tail's on fire again.



Initially there wasn't a cute story due to rockin' out in Bloodstone Fen, but as I gathered more shots I found some inspiration.

Happy content patch, all!

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Yay, Sharkey! Have a gold because as always, this cracked me up.

Now all you need to do is buy the Bass Guitar... (I think that's still around?)
2016-08-02 0:56

Fashion Guru
It is, but it won't let me list it as an accessory for the set for some reason? I'm guessing certain cosmetics either aren't on the site or the auto-complete just hates me at the moment. It's in the second shot though!
2016-08-02 1:03

Elessar Taralom
Ahaha, yay, I was waiting for some doing some kind of metal look with that new Charr hair xD
Only one that looked decent in that new batch
I like the implication of tattoos the top gives, gold ^^
2016-08-02 2:57

Interesting look!
But however I miss more screenshots ^_^
2016-08-02 8:28

Fashion Collector
A funny and original look, I wouldn't mind seeing some more screenshots thou. You get Gold outta me. :D By the way I left you a request on the Well-Travelled Adventurer comment you posted, it concerns both of my latest looks. I'd appreciate it if you gave it a look. :)
2016-08-02 12:39

Fashion Guru
Although I really like the overall look and dyes (classic Sharkey) it would be really unfair to give a gold with these screens and description as I do know that you can do much better and I kinda have to rate these two sliders fairly
2016-08-02 21:00

Fashion Collector
This has to be the most humorous look on the site, great job!
2016-08-03 0:21

Fashion Guru

How's that?
2016-08-03 2:06 in reply to thunderstruck

Fashion Guru
well this is goldworthy now ^^
2016-08-03 8:44 in reply to Sharkey

some kind of ozzy ozbourne :)
2017-05-06 13:16