Blaire - Teacher

By Igneous Ray on August 9th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Yellow
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34 9
4 0
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Despite her fear of children and lack of teaching experience, Blaire did an excellent job pretending the role. As a teacher she did not have access to much, (aside from a massive luxurious room in Divinty’s Reach, but we won’t talk about that,) and her schedule got her up early in the morning. In the end, she got to enjoy revisiting her old friends at the Priory.

NOTES: Gives off a vibe of innocence. Noticeably loose breast animation in-game, could be a good thing or a bad thing. I left the glasses slightly purple to add a touch of realism. A teacher doesn’t necessarily make enough money to keep buying new frames to mimic the color of her attire.

ISSUES: Mysterious band at the waistline. Slight lighting/material differences between pieces.

ABOUT BLAIRE: Blaire is a civilian who practices archery. However, for the sake of gameplay, I made her an elementalist. She is my "second main" and the most obsessive user of my transmutation charges and unlimited hair stylist kit. For her, I try to find armor combinations that are modest but slim.

Title image: “This is a globe…”
Image #1: “No Stewart, I cannot reach the chalkboard.”
Image #2: Walking alone again.
Image #3: “Banners!”
Image #4: “Watch where you’re going!”
Image #5: Uh… Teacher? What are you doing?
Image #6: I told you our teacher is a witch…
Image #7: Picking out a book for tomorrow.
Image #8: Imitating their students at the Teacher Conference.
Image #9: “This is where the bad children go!”
Image #10: Quite happy touching that plant…
Image #11: “Yes? Do you need something?”
Image #12: “Wait! Don’t touch the bed!”


Fashion Guru
Oooh Perfect:D she looks like a good teacher:)
2015-08-09 14:59

Igneous Ray
Fashion Collector
Thanks Zirconia
2015-08-09 15:18

I love it! :D Nice screenshots.

You have a hair style kit, I envy you :P
2015-08-09 16:39

Igneous Ray
Fashion Collector

Ah yes, the hair kit. When it was introduced during the first Wintersday, I was a little distraught. It was like, "So THIS is how they are going to do hair styling..."

Just having the kit really betters the entire dynamic of GW2 for me. I knew this when it was released and farmed that holiday away so I could raise 120ish gold to buy it. It's been my account's best asset and I would trade my three legendaries to keep it if I had to.

I'm still hoping they make it drop more commonly. I don't care that I have something rare, others deserve to share in this.
2015-08-09 17:18

She is great :D
A good example for her kids. ;)
2015-08-10 2:38

This is brilliant. Reminds me of characters like Evelyn from The Mummy.
2015-08-10 17:50

I just gotta say, she's absolutely adorable. Amazing job!
2015-08-11 4:12

Igneous Ray
Fashion Collector
silvertree, Martellus and Luxyperkele

2015-08-11 19:28

Hair Style Kit Wins! :O
2015-08-13 15:53

Agree, Permanent Hair Stylist Contract for everyone!! :D
I reaaly really like your casual human outfits, they are so real! Perfect as always :)
2015-08-16 18:01

Igneous Ray
Fashion Collector
Thanks SoMuch (Heh, I see what you did there :P) and morrigan!
2015-08-18 15:29

First Style Supporter
Interesting concept brought froward by great screen shots.
2015-09-15 17:42