Lone Hunter

By evixi on June 1st, 2015
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
11 17
2 0
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"I spend my days wandering the wilds of Tyria, recording anything I deem interesting enough for the Priory archives. Some people might find it lonely, but to me and my Lynx Ahmed, it's a dream. I'll build my legend as the lone hunter."

I wanted to achieve a practical look that a seasoned traveler might have, while still keeping a Norn aesthetic.

EDIT: Included a lot with no GEMFX.


In my opinion the screenshots are photoshoped to much. there is no reason for, because your look seems to be awesome. I would like to see some original screenshots ;)
2015-06-01 3:29

Fashion Guru
Awesome, i like the screenshots but i prefer yo see the originals ones.
2015-06-01 3:44

Really love the shots, but I'll have to echo the others and say they're a bit over edited. Seriously, those shots are frickin amazing.

That being said, have a gold for the great combination. It very much suits the rugged, yet sophisticated look I think you were going for ;)
2015-06-01 4:05

No photoshop, just my GEMFX setting. But I'll upload a few that have none so you guys can see.
2015-06-01 4:34

Very cool to see a black Norn. I also love that hairstyle!!!
You comb is very nice and whatever you used to edit the appearence of the screenshots, it is not necessary.
I agree with silvertree!!! Some more screens without editing would be really appreciated. ;)
2015-06-01 8:21

@Hylek Your wish is my command.

All my norns are black haha, I can't make a half decent white one even when I try. And thank you! That hairstyle is my favourite in the game. :D
2015-06-01 9:05