Dark Scout

By bmsquared on May 17th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
Vote Breakdown
2 9
3 1
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I like to theme my characters. I main ranger and wanted something to match the idea of a long ranged skirmisher who is there to avenge his fallen allies. But I need a new bow skin >.>


I'm not sure about mixing chaos bow with dark dyes.
Armor combination is good, maybe dyes are a little to dark, I'd try with lighter shades of that colors :) (
or it's just on photos, would be nice if you upload some photos from champion select)
2015-05-17 17:47

For an avenger something with wings or more details would be cool in my opinion. You are looking more like a thief.
Though the outfit looks very nice, id go for slightly brighter colours but the comb is super cool :D
2015-05-17 17:59

Cant say much about the armor composition because the colors are much too dark. I can barely see any details.
2015-05-17 18:10

Glorious Bees
Fashion Collector
Needs a little variation in the dyes
2015-05-17 18:23

Thank you for the feed back :D I brightened the dyes and moved the colors around a little. Please keep giving more feedback. Also if anyone has an idea for a longbow skin let me know I'm at a lost lol
2015-05-17 18:38

Fashion Guru
I like it with the faded grey. Looks a bit more rugged.
2015-05-17 20:15

Ceremonial longbow for bow. Perhaps change boots to rogue.
2015-06-04 16:33

Fashion Guru
Lack of color. Go pure shadow abyss and call it a day. Bronze
2015-09-03 17:51