Aristocrat Charr Male

By ivanbbrito on April 15th, 2024
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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I saw this shoulder piece on a build (Subject: Faceless) and found the color amazing. So I started experimenting with it since I found it was so pompous haha
This is the first version, I don't really have many weapon skins, but it's simple in a way it can use lots of skins and still be good. I'm currently using Luminous weapons cause I like the contrast of no glow when stowed x bright gold when drawn, I think it kind of fits the theme of a rich man but classy, it has a powerful sword, but he don't need to show it unless it's war.

Head: Panscopic Monocle
Dyes: Heirloom

Shoulder: Drover Shoulders
Dyes: Heirloom, Fluff

Chest: Luminous Medium Brigandine
Dyes: Heirloom, Midnight Fire, Abyss, Celestial

Gloves: hidden

Pants: Duelist Pants
Dyes: Midnight Fire, Heirloom

Boots: Duelist Boots
Dyes: Midnight Fire, Heirloom

I wouldn't mind some tips on cheap weapons to match the style a lil better. Or some armor pieces if cheap/easy to get.

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