Daedric warrior (Skyrim)

By Black_Templar on January 28th, 2024
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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"Oblivion awaits!"

Tried to make the Daedric Armor from Skyrim.

Heavy Armor used:
Head – Protector's Helm
Shoulders – Avenger's Shoulderplates
Chest – Illustrious Breastplate
Gloves – Mistward Warfists
Pants – Rampart Legplates
Boots – Elegy Greaves

Weapon used:
Hammer - Forged Hammer

Infusion used:
- Polyluminescent Undulating Infusion (Black)

Dyes used:
- Crimson Lion (shoulders [bottm left], chest [bottom left], boots [top right]),
- Warmth dye (everything else)

A bit of lore:
Daedra are immortal beings untouched by Mundus' creation, wield an undiminished wellspring of power. This unbridled influence extends across Tamriel, subtly weaving through mortal lives, leaving an indelible mark. Through pacts, manifestations, or overt interventions, daedra impact the realm, touching every corner. Their presence is not confined to isolated incidents; it's an ever-present force shaping the collective experience of Tamriel's inhabitants. The tales of their influence whisper ominously, underscoring the delicate balance between Mundus and the otherworldly realms of Oblivion.

"I can only tell you tales of how to make Daedric armor. I have never seen it myself, nor do I know anyone that has. The stories say that it should always be worked on at night... ideally under a new or full moon, and never during an eclipse. A red harvest moon is best. Ebony is the principle material, but at the right moment a daedra heart must be thrown into the fire."
- Sven Two-Hammers