An asura mecanist

By theroi on August 25th, 2022
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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Probably a look that's already seen multiple times but this one is mine
Since you can't dye your mech (at the moment) i had to go for green and gold color.

That's all i gotta say about this look, a simple asura engi.

Head : Jade Tech Hat
Dye : Abyssal Forest, Flare, Gold, Nightmare
Shoulder : None
Chest : Jade Tech Coat
Dye : Nightmare, Shadow Green, Shadow Green, Incandescent
Arms : CJ-1 Command Sleeves
Dye : Gold, Iron, Nightmare, Nightmare
Legs : Carapace Leggings
Dye : Nightmare, Nightmare, Gold
Boots : Ancient Canthan Medium Boots
Dye : Tarnish, Humiliation, Iron, Nightmare
Back Item : Antique Dragon's Drape
Dye : Nightmare, Illumination, White, Midnight Teal

Weapons ; Mecanist Mace, Shadow Serpent Shield


Here I can repeat what I wrote about your other asura... I don't see any effort on your part to show something interesting, creative (so my praise goes to ANet!).
2022-08-29 7:04