Crazy Dragon Mama

By shopaholic on January 24th, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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I wanted to use the dragon bow, so I tried to make Daenerys from Game of Thrones. Then I discovered the amazing crazy poses of ranger axe 5 and snapped a few. The Orchestral axe generated a really nice arty look with all the musical notation.

Her armor reflects the dragon wings shape and texture, and I used dyes to draw it all together. I hope you like my Daenerys!

Bow: Fire-Breathing Longbow
Axes: Orchestral Axes
Head: Bat Wings headpiece
Shoulders: Emblazoned Shoulders
Chest: Funerary Jerkin
Gloves: Fire God's Medium Vermbraces
Leggings: Funerary Leggings
Boots: Zodiac Medium Boots
Back: Cute Demon Wings Backpack

The last image is the Winter Monarch outfit without the headpiece showing.


Fashion Guru
I'm always fascinated by people who use some small details to make a particularly interesting look out of simple, old and boring pieces of armor. Stylish, fresh, beautiful. Gold
2022-01-24 7:07

Absolutely stunning work and screens!
(and I find the very ._. face hilarious considering the title)
2022-01-24 14:28

Lord Snargol
Beautiful work !
2022-01-25 12:14

she's really crazy, i like her xD
2022-01-25 17:40

Very Nice, thank you
2023-03-11 18:46