Wandering gunslinger

By Aurexxx on November 27th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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I'm aiming for wandering gunslinger kinda lone wolf style, mix between Vash the stampede, and wild west, post-apocalyptic world survivor, any ideas would be appreciated.


Medium armor is always challenging to make look interesting as one piece influences so much of the look. For that reason i would strongly suggest making full use of all the dye channels of the coat, even if you use only slightly different hues.
Some dyes on some items also have different shades even in one dye channel, so if you manage to find one of those, that could also really flesh out the look and provide a bit of that rugged, worn-out feel you'd want in a postapocalyptic outfit. (Vintage silver would be one example but if you are a new player, that might be a bit more of a mid-term goal.)
Personally i'd advise against using too much of a very dark black as it tends to drown out the details and a lot of them would be too regular and uniform to fit a lone wanderer in the wastelands kind of look. It is also kinda overdone in the community so going for that more gray, silvery dye scheme might be more interesting and unique.
You could also maybe try dyeing the gloves grey and black to match the color scheme of the pistols but that's no must and might not even work.
I also suggest browsing the "Wardrobe Storage" section of the bank for pants and boots that would add some interesting details and fit the look.
2021-11-28 5:25

Yes black colors isn't for me too I don't want it look all dark like in funeral, but atm it's best I have, and I'm new commer in gw, but thank you Gewreid, I rly appreciate your opinion.
2021-11-28 7:44 in reply to Gewreid

That it's the best you have right now doesn't mean you can't look for other dyes or items to improve your look.
As gw2 lacks traditional gear progression, "fashion wars" can actually be quite a big contibutor to long term goals and motivation.
2021-11-30 3:55 in reply to Aurexxx

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