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By Billy on September 22nd, 2021


Hello everyone, it's been a while!
As I'm no longer playing GW2 anymore, since years now actually, and that I don't plan coming back anytime soon, I enjoy a free moment for make this post. It's a collection of some looks I've never finish and never post (and also some update of looks you already know) but I wanted to share them and add them to my profil in case I will never come back. I will put a quick description for each one to explain what was the idea. Important to notice that the most recent one was made a while back so there is no recent pieces here.

Asian style for the first part. The first one can be seen as an imperial guard from Kaineng, it was the inspiration. The asura is just a classic fighter with a light leather armor. The strange creature between them is... well I don't really know where I was going with this one but it's also inspired by some asian fictional characters. On these screenshots the outfit is wearing by a female norn but the proportions looks actually better on a female sylvari.

The idea for the next sylvari was to make a kind of marabout/necromancer mixed with the leaves of a sylvari. Unfortunatly the screenshot is not very representative and the look itself was just a first draft.

Then comes the update of this character http://gw2style.com/look.php?id=11275 updated since the bald haircut is available for female human, it stick to my vision of this character way better! Followed by his antagonist, a young jedi padawan (I like the haircut, the wick is a cool detail).

The last part was quite a project! I've always loved the WvW medium chestpiece so the idea was to make different characters with the same armor, a squad, a ebonhawk squad for being precise, with the same armor but custom for each job & personnality. There was a background for each characters but here the quick version: the female human (who also was the first draft of this look http://gw2style.com/look.php?id=15220 ) is The Scout, the asura is The Sentinel, the sylvari is The Paramedic, the male human is The Spy/The Sergeant and the charr is The Messenger...

(I have more looks in stock but no screenshots yet, if I found the time maybe I will make another post)

As I'm writing these words I remember this place and this community, nostalgia take me. It was a great era, thank you all & hope we will see each other again one day, here or in game. Goodbye fellas!


Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Billy the goat! Bunny*
2021-09-22 21:36

I loved your ideas for character looks. Wish you good luck!
2021-09-23 5:15

Fashion Guru
Your creations are packed with character, it seems as if you simply snapped them in the wild, so good
2021-09-25 8:13