Finally got the Light Carapace chestpiece

By aksnep on February 19th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Profane Masque
Black | Pastel Peach

Conjurer Mantle

Carapace Vestments
Pastel Peach | Graphite | Gray

Lunar-Enchanted Feathered Gloves

Profane Pants
Abyss | Pastel Peach | Graphite

Ascalonian Performer Shoes
Black | Graphite

For Staff I use the 'Final Rest' skin, and for backpiece(+glider) I use the 'Mursaat Wings' backpack and glider combo. Maybe they don't fit -THAT- much but I like it the way it is.


When I first did the Vinewrath, I played with my warrior mostly and didn't think that unlocking the heavy chestpiece from the achievement chest won't unlock it for the other weights, nor did I read about how I will be able to get the other weights (random drop from chests). I'm a really-really casual player and mostly I just wandering around Tyria, so I just totally randomly got to the Silvervastes map when daily event completer was on that map, and the end of the meta just started and there were enough 'pro's around there so we could do the meta and the Carapace Coat chest dropped for me and oh man I was soooo happy I could cry. So I quickly swapped out the chestpiece on my outfit to the Carapace Chest. The story is nothing more, nothing less. I don't use this platform as a roleplaying account or anything, I just create outfits cause I'm a girl and like to do this. I even tried to do some pics in action but I don't have this skill, I just did it because I always got negative comments here on things I don't personally want to achieve.. but of course, I forgot to hide the UI so yeah.


2021-02-20 11:48

Magnifique ^^
2022-03-04 15:35