The face MASKS

By ieva on October 26th, 2020


A mask is a facial covering that is mostly used in theater and art as well as for ritual and religious purposes, often supplemented by a disguise or costume. As a protective mask it can be used to protect the face or parts of it.
Besides Medium Headgear (which mainly consists almost only of masks), Harlequin's Mask, Phantasm's Mask and many other theater masks, there are a few specific masks in the game: Adventurer's Scarf, Air-Filtration Device Skin.
If during COVID-19 pandemic you work from home office, you get strange ideas :)
Today my interpretation for two face masks.
For the first one I took inspiration from La Catrina - a figure that has become symbolic of the Day of the Dead (October 31) in Mexico. The mask is based on the motorcycle face mask (neck tube). This fits perfectly with rose hairstyle by Sylvari. And the second mask - Steampunk art fits quite well for engineers.
So stay healthy!


i dont think this belongs here
2020-10-28 3:42

As answer I can only quote ANet:"I show the world a face lined by tragedy. Too bad you can't see behind the mask - to know whether I'm secretly laughing or not" (Character creation whit Phantasm's Mask)
2020-10-28 10:33 in reply to Lithril

ooohhh it would be so cool if they implemented the first one in game :O (but to all weights not just medium)
2021-03-04 7:03