ANATOMY of the Sylvari * 4

By ieva on September 17th, 2020


I have played around with my Sylvaris pictures again. Today there is Sylvari Ballet :)

______________ More sylvari impressions:
Armor: _______________________

When I looked at Sylvari with this two rose hairstyle (my own or from other players), I always thought of ballet and a tutu of roses (yes, strange thought). So to get the thought out of my head, I tried to visualize it on pictures :)
Enjoy it!


Fashion Guru
Wow, this is fking awesome. Good job, ieva :)
2020-09-18 0:36

...sweet thanks!
2020-09-18 6:25 in reply to morv

Fashion Collector
Ok, I am unimaginative about any kind of narration. Your story is not funny, not interesting, not poetic and doesn't tell me anything . The screens are ok, but due to all the side effects (infusions, jewelry) there are no details to be seen, although the armor mix by itself I find quite nice. Unfortunately this is not more than silver.
I wonder if you can guess what I mean. Let me tell you that I cut a fragment about a minotaur and weapons glowing.
Best regards
2020-09-18 22:21

I don't know what narrative you expect and why. How I answered (on another comment from you) - I don't understand what you want and who (or what) caused your problems.
2020-09-21 23:02 in reply to Mithras

Fashion Guru
Oh my, ignore that person. your work is amazing, for some reason I can't vote but this is obviously very bright gold!
2020-09-25 5:04

2020-09-27 16:59 in reply to shopaholic