Galatic Chronomancer

By Maggs on March 16th, 2020
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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This is Helix, Its hard finding matching pants for her. I wanted to go for a space/galaxy style.I love her top but her below needs fixing. I apologize for low quality, Ill be posting armor and dyes in the description tab because im having computer issues. When i can i will post better pictures! Any suggestions for pants would be greatly appreciated!
-Wind Aspect Eye
-Chronomancer Epaulets
-Spearmarshal Vestments
-Leystone Gloves
-Conjurer Pants
-Invoker's Boots
-Relic Of Lyssa
Dyes are:
-Electro Lemon
-Electro Purple
-Shadow Blue


A screen is not a presentation (and a screen on which not even your character can see is rubbish)
2020-03-16 7:02

Fashion Guru
I like the dyes! I also like the weapons combo, plus they nicely fit the shoulders. Pants are out of theme, like you said. I would suggest Ascalonian Performer, or even better Profane or Elegy/Requiem pants. Gloves are not very galaxy theme, but they may remain. I would suggest Etherbound gloves, these would be perfect. All of these are of course only ideas, it is not necessary to follow them if you don't want to :-) Screens are really necessary, these are not enough.
2020-03-22 15:49

Hey Thank you Egon! I like the idea of those Elegy pants :) Do you have any ideas on how to properly post, should i pose my characters more maybe?
2020-03-23 0:27 in reply to Egon

Fashion Guru
Definitely - go for settings, slide a little down, and you can play with horizontal position, view zoom etc. You can always get back by "Restore defaults" button right unfder the camera sliders. Try to catch cool poses, skills, emotes. Look for a place with good lighting. You can take some inspiration among my Charr guys :3
2020-03-23 12:34 in reply to Maggs