Tapiwa the dark Shaman ~ morv

By morv on April 7th, 2019
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Hey Guys,
this is my brand-new Charr. I got a lot of inspiration and then this Charr came into being. I find the combination with the top and the trousers very beautiful and fitting with the face I find that it resembles a dark shaman.

The charr named Tapiwa comes from the Sandswept Isles and was represented there in the high council. She left the council to come to Ascalon and explore the world there. On the way to Ascalon she took a break in the forest and to warm herself she made herself a campfire. She had fun there and danced a little and let her good mood run free.
Later, when she arrived in Ascalon, she explored the Black Citadel and found beautiful places. Until she found a new home and stayed there.

I hope you like it


Fashion Guru
Another great creation of yours. You've been brave enough to use this exclusive face, and I really like it! She really looks demonic :) Athough I don't find it very original in overall, It looks cool :)
2019-04-08 11:57

Fashion Guru
thanks mate^-^
2019-04-08 17:56 in reply to Egon