By arizaya on January 11th, 2018


Ahdiyana had long since gotten used to the idea that she and Morarkhan would never be completely safe. But in a place like this, she could dream. The sky seemed to go on forever, and compared to the almost all encompassing twilight... she was small, and their problems seemed like they were but a pebble at the bottom of the ocean. She became lost in her thoughts, taken by the beauty surrounding her. Morarkhan was beside her, taking in the scenery as well. A thought crossed her mind that there was no one else she would rather have by her side. With him, she could endure any struggle.

"What are you thinking of?" he asked, quietly. Ahdiyana gripped his hand as they went down the stone walkway together. "Us." came her reply, simple and true. "What we could have had?" The corners of Morarkhan's eyes crinkled slightly, betraying his smile in spite of the slight sadness in his voice. "What we do have, and what we will have." she answered. They stood together as the purple tinged sky filled with stars, and for the first time in a long while, Morarkhan and Ahdiyana felt truly free.


This is an all black look, yes. I'll forgive you if you'd rather look at my boyfriend's ele, he looks amazing. The black doesn't really symbolize anything other than "Hm, this couple really likes dressing in black.".

As for the story, it's just a story I wrote when we got our new guild hall, not sure if it will happen in character or not but it seemed strangely appropriate to me. I have both of our looks linked. so check them out for further descriptions.


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